2020 European Women´s Handball Championship with Mobilelinks and Net Insight


The 2020 European Women´s Handball Championship is taking place on 3-20 December in Herning and Kolding in Denmark.

Mobilelinks, Net Insight´s strategic partner is supporting the event by supplying contribution over both satellite and fiber from two top sport events in Denmark using remote production. The world feeds are distributed over satellite, but we implemented a redundancy plan over fiber, so the crew from remote sites can take over if any illness.

At the same time, Midtjylland played Liverpool at home in Herning in the UEFA Champions League. Another node was added for both SDI transports and ethernet for extended coverage of the match.

“With our Nordic network based on high capacity 100G core nodes, we could easily cope with quick changes in the set-up. Again our trust in the Nimbra platform has proved its stability and flexibility.“

Andreas Langell, CEO at Mobilelinks.

“This is a genuine example of how efficient and flexible remote production can be done and apply for live sports needs.”

Account Director Bo Wikerstål at Net Insight.


Combining technology and create a flexible service to broadcasters and organizations has always been very important during events. In the time where a single COVID-19 test can take out one or many staff from a crew, one must have flexible plans to change and still run the event without jeopardizing the health of anyone involved, thus remote production plays a huge role in this situation. Would you like to know more about our remote production solution? Check here or contact our expert.