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Streamline the cost of live production

Net Insight uniquely offers broadcasters and production houses an end-to-end solution for remote (REMI, at-home) and distributed production that supports fully distributed production workflows over commonly available IP infrastructure – allowing them to have control and manageability even with teams being geographically spread out.

Net Insight helps customers

Do more with less

Remote production effectively resolves bottlenecks in your live event production

Value your talents

Use your on-screen talents for more productions

Deliver more and better

Better production quality, tailored to multiple platforms

Save more

Reduce your overall production costs and your environmental impact

Remote production fits

Production companies

Produce more with less, allocate the right resources and talents where they bring the most value. Open up new revenue streams.


Control your own broadcast and give your viewers the content they want to see, when they want to see it. Keep your streams synchronized and the latency low to deliver personalized and dramatized content in real time.


Give your viewers the content they want, anywhere, anytime, on any device, in a cost-effective way. Remove the bottlenecks of your production workflows while ensuring low latency and high quality contribution. 

Rights owners 

Give the best experience to your viewersDeliver high quality content on any devices, anywhere, anytime. Secure your brand assets and build brand loyalty.  

Service providers

Enable a seamless remote production that addresses the challenges of latency, secure and reliable transport as well as stream synchronization. Harness the power of the cloud to make it easier and faster for broadcasters to bring content from the field and get it to air quickly.

Corporate broadcast

Strengthen your employer branding and better engage with your teams. With broadcast-grade events such as town halls, you can create new ways to convey your company values and connect offices.

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Why choose Net Insight for remote production?

Secure and reliable

Open and interoperable

Ultra-low latency

Elastic and proven

Plug and play

Cloud enabled

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