Solution Partnership for low-latency B2B media contribution and distribution services

Announcing a solution partnership for low-latency media orchestration and delivery

Net Insight and Red5 Pro now offer the ability to disseminate media to desktop applications and user clients in milliseconds utilizing Red5 Pro’s ultra-low latency distribution technology.

Red5 Pro’s Experience Delivery Network (XDN), a fully customizable and flexible solution, has paired with Net Insight´s Nimbra Edge, a virtualized cloud media delivery platform for B2B applications. Together with our existing partners for live and distributed cloud production, this provides a powerful, low-latency, end-to-end workflow for live content. Nimbra Edge, with its open cloud gateway, efficiently handles low-latency contribution and primary distribution towards Red5 Pro XDN that live stream directly to any web client application. The combination delivers a robust solution for pain points including latency, security, redundancy, synchronization, autoscaling, and end-to-end monitoring capabilities.

The adoption of cloud technology and IP-based infrastructure has been skyrocketing as it strives to meet the demand for remote operations and more agile workflows. Leveraging the flexibility of the cloud and the use of IP infrastructure allows for flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient live media production and distribution.

This collaboration facilitates applications such as multi-camera contribution for production feeds orchestrated with Nimbra Edge cloud and primary distribution feeds delivered to Red5 Pro XDN. It will enable low-latency streaming distribution of live sports, music, and enterprise events in conjunction with distributed live production from any location and over an IP infrastructure, giving production crews the flexibility to operate from anywhere. This simplifies processes and speeds up live broadcast delivery of compelling content. The integrated solution is an open cloud-based platform that fully leverages the power of elastic compute.


  • The Nimbra Edge addresses existing customers, as well as new target segments such as enterprise, tier 2-3 live sports, and music events.
  • With a virtualized approach, it enables viewers to manipulate and interact with their environment by addressing the challenges of latency, secure and reliable transport of multi-camera feeds, and synchronized delivery for social media platforms and immersive experiences.
  • The cloud will allow for easier, faster, reliable orchestration of media contributions for rights holders, media service providers, and broadcasters.

“This partnership gives users the power to customize a safe, reliable solution for all kinds of
media events while preventing unauthorized stream access, which ensures they are always in control of their data.”

Chris Allen, CEO of Red5 Pro

Security is a must while transporting media-centric services. Nimbra Edge and Red5 Pro offer built-in encryption, ensuring that all audio, video and other data is protected without having to rely on third-party plugins. Like Net Insight, Red5 Pro is hosting-agnostic, which means it supports a variety of hosting platforms such as AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, GCP, Oracle, and others, private server appliances, or any combination thereof.

Net Insight´s Nimbra Edge provides a hyper-scale, next-generation comprehensive content delivery ecosystem for cloud-based tools and services that are interconnected. It is a truly agile platform deployed across multiple clouds, and as a hybrid on private and/or public clouds. Nimbra Edge is designed for ultimate reliability, flexibility, and versatility, resulting in comprehensive live production applications. This partnership is an organic fit to meet the market demands that are driving the transformation to IP, virtualization, and orchestrated cloud workflows.

“As our existing and new customers  embrace cloud services while producing live content that demands low latency and synchronization, we see the value for the integrated approach, allowing them to utilize Red5 Pro´s XDN in conjunction with our media contribution and primary distribution technologies. This cooperation underpins our openness, giving customers options to build, migrate, and deploy these types of applications across multiple environments both in the cloud and on-premises.”

Kenth Andersson, Head of Strategic Alliances at Net Insight

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