Why cloud-based innovation will unlock the future of media production

If ever there was a period to test the ability of media & entertainment (M&E) companies to keep pace with expectations and ensure that their customers continue to receive an optimum service, it has to be the global pandemic of the last 18 months. With broadcasters facing soaring demand for new content, media workflows – and the production teams who support them – have been put under the spotlight like never before, where the cloud media solution has taken center stage.

Reaffirming the necessity and strength of cloud media solutions

After such a challenging period, it’s inevitable that media companies will want to reflect on what has – and hasn’t – worked during the crisis, and what all that means for their primary workflows. But what does seem certain is that many organizations will have been reaffirmed in their views that only by continuing to embrace cloud-based innovation, such as remote cloud production and other cloud media services, can they achieve the flexibility and capability they now require.

For instance, think of the lone reporter far away from the news center who needs to capture and contribute some footage of a breaking news story on their smartphone. With the option to access cloud contribution and cloud-based networking via a cloud media solution, they can contribute seamlessly (and quickly) to the centralized production workflow – and even stream directly to the internet on the broadcaster’s portals or sites such as YouTube.

As well as providing this kind of contribution equality to reporters, cloud media services are also enabling more production tasks to be completed outside of the broadcast center, a so-called remote cloud production solution. Not only can the latest cloud media solutions give editors and other production personnel this kind of flexibility, but they also mean that everyone can benefit from the same updates and latest features simultaneously.

Net Insight’s cloud media services – Explore Nimbra Edge

Having recognized these trends moving towards remote cloud production some years ago, Net Insight has been at the forefront of cloud-based innovation and cloud media services with its own Nimbra Edge cloud media solution. Unlike some other currently available platforms, Nimbra Edge acknowledges that broadcasters will move across to the cloud in different ways – and at different rates – by providing a flexible cloud media solution that truly merits the industry buzzword of ‘hybrid’.

Beyond that, its entire focus is on convenience and ease of use – from the ability to ingest live feeds from any location for a fully remote cloud production process, to end-to-end workflow control and real-time insights derived from the monitoring and management of content. Underlying the innate flexibility of a cloud-based solution, Nimbra Edge also offers a pay-as-you-go model that allows customers to utilize only the capacity and resources they require.

The fact that Nimbra Edge has received a flurry of major industry honors – including, in late 2020, a TV Technology Product Innovation Award – confirms the high esteem in which the platform is now held. It’s no wonder, then, that companies across the spectrum of media are now making Nimbra Edge a cornerstone of their production infrastructures as they prepare for a cloud-driven future.

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