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Whether you need to transport your live content over public/private cloud or managed network, Net Insight can help create a reliable, seamless, and high-quality experience.

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Let’s move live content efficiently!

Moving premium live content from production to final distribution is a possibility for generating revenue.

Having invested in networking to produce state-of-the-art content, you can use the same network to deliver produced content to its destination securely and reliably. You want the stats on delivered content, with measurable performance statistics and backup paths available if your primary route fails.

Include contribution services in your offering in an easy-to-manage way, at a low additional cost.


Top 3 contribution priorities we support you with

How to identify your location limitations

Contribution from events has historically had limitations based on the availability of services at the location. Unfortunately, satellite connectivity is typically expensive, insecure, and requires costly and aggressive encoding technologies.

Connectivity has improved in many locations, and high-quality networking access is usually no longer an issue. However, in some areas, the underlying network may not yet be capable of supporting native broadcast media and only have internet connectivity available.

Today’s customers and workflows are demanding a more significant number of unique feeds that are secure and have higher quality video and lower latencies.

How to enrich your content for your viewers

Contribution requirements are now more than just the video from the event. Real-time statistics, social media engagement, and second-screen video feeds are the new normal.

The challenge is enabling new solutions to obtain more relevant, specially adapted content for your audiences but also an opportunity to create a truly immersive and engaging package for the audience. The challenge is to make it economically viable and technically feasible with the IP capacity available.

How to enhance IP networking resilience

When transporting your valuable content over IP networks, you must ensure that it arrives safely and handle potential network and data center outages. IP networks can encounter packet loss and jitter. To ensure perfect content delivery, these must be managed and mitigated when transporting live media.

You want to use technologies such as ARQ, FEC, and hitless protection where there are unreliable connections.


Which contribution network fits your purpose?

IP has become the ubiquitous networking technology that supports all your media needs, including requirements like Social Media and a second screen.

Net Insight has technologies and solutions that enable advanced contribution, providing security and isolation of IP networking domains.

Our solutions help you utilize private networking, private IP networking, public IP networking, or any combination thereof for all your contribution needs.

Contribution over cloud & internet

We provide solutions for cloud interconnect, giving a fully manageable view of your IP network resources. Our solutions are easy to understand and utilize.

Connect any third-party appliances to any public or private cloud with the possibility to control end-to-end latency down to a millisecond level.

Route your feeds from any location with internet and use the cloud to contribute signals from a broader range of events, including local/regional tournaments and e-sports fixtures, cost-effectively. Our solutions offer quality assurance for contributions via the cloud while being cost-efficient and very easy to use.

Contribution over managed networks

We provide solutions for managed networks, allowing you to bring content from the most high-profile events worldwide where security and integrity are paramount.

With Net Insight technologies as part of the workflow, customers can benefit from ultra-low latency, robust, high-quality, and complete content protection. Our solutions have the highest density on the market with full flexibility of formats and functions. We also make it easy to adjust your workflow ‘on the fly in response to changing requirements.

Our managed solutions have carried content from numerous significant sports events and World Cups.


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