Net Insight unlocks new media applications with RIST Main Profile

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Stockholm, Sweden – Net Insight today announces the addition of support for RIST Main Profile to its Nimbra products, further cementing its commitment to open standards and technologies.

Founded by the Video Services Forum, Reliable Internet Stream Transport or RIST, is a technical recommendation developed through industry-wide collaboration that helps foster interoperability among vendors for the rapidly growing internet transport segment for professional media. RIST is quickly becoming a key technology for internet transport, adopted by many traditional transport vendors, as well as public cloud providers.

Building on Simple Profile, the first RIST technical recommendation, the new RIST Main Profile, formally due to be ratified later this year, is now opening up RIST for a wider range of live video use cases such as remote production and cloud ingest through simpler operations and powerful security. Thereby making RIST on par, and even leapfrogging, most commercial internet transport implementations.

As an early supporter of RIST, Net Insight, together with QVidium, was world first to show an interoperable version of RIST Main Profile a few weeks ago. “With internet transport now quickly moving into the mainstream, the focus is changing from technology innovation to interoperability and collaboration,” says Alexander Sandström, Head of Product Marketing at Net Insight and co-chair of the RIST Forum. “I’m truly amazed by how well the industry has pulled together and cooperated to quickly bring this advanced technology from idea to implementation.”

The announcement comes a week after the launch of Net Insight’s new product line, the Nimbra 400 series, reaffirming its commitment to internet transport for premium live media applications.

RIST Main Profile will be showcased at Net Insight’s booth 1.B40 at IBC2019 on 13-17 September with commercial availability during Q4 2019.

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