Mediatech’s CDN implements Net Insight’s Sye for The Hong Kong Jockey Club

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Stockholm, Sweden – Net Insight today announces that its live streaming solution Sye powers Mediatech’s end-to-end solution for Hong Kong Jockey Club’s live sports mobile app.

Together with Mediatech, Sye enables a premium live sports and betting streaming experience made for high rollers around the world, ensuring ultra-low latency and – more importantly – a perfectly synchronized experience. Thanks to these capabilities, viewers can follow every second of the race at different angles, from multiple track segments to the horse paddocks, without losing precious time to place their bet. Sye’s fixed ultra-low latency increases the betting window, while perfect sync gives everyone the same fair chances of placing a winning bet. Multiple live video feeds from the stadium are streamed by Sye and distributed via Mediatech’s CDN. These feeds are then delivered to the client in an app optimized for mobile, allowing both fans at home and at the stadium to enjoy a first-row experience.

“Sye is a gamechanger in the world of live sports and live betting,” says Raymond Mo, CEO of Mediatech. “Its ultra-low latency and synchronization capabilities allow for a truly premium experience, where every user can make the most out of the race.”

Mediatech is the leading solutions provider for the professional video market in Hong Kong and the surrounding regions. Their CDN solution has coverage both in the region and internationally.

“With their versatile platform and longstanding experience in the region, the Mediatech CDN is a perfect fit for Sye,” says Filippa Hasselström, VP Streaming Solutions at Net Insight. “We’re excited to enter this market together with a strong partner such as Mediatech and show the world what True Live Betting is all about.”

Net Insight’s Sye is a premium live streaming solution that delivers a better-than-broadcast quality of experience. With low end-to-end latency, perfect sync, instant channel changes and a pristine quality of experience – Sye guarantees the best possible live video streaming experience. Sye also includes features such as dynamic server-side ad insertion and metadata synchronization. Sye is supported by multiple CDNs and is also available through Sye Streaming Service.

Revenue under the Net Insight agreement with Mediatech is variable, based on usage and there are no volume commitments.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club is a world-class racing club that hosts a multitude of sporting events, such as horse racing and football.

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