Net Insight takes action to mitigate the business impact from Covid-19

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Stockholm, Sweden – As a consequence of the ongoing Covid-19 situation, Net Insight has the intention to execute a temporary part-time layoff of staff in Sweden.

As communicated earlier, the demand for Net Insight’s solutions has been negatively impacted from the end of the first quarter, with the negative impact likely to continue also during the second quarter. The company will therefore initiate discussion with the Swedish staff on a short-term layoff where the staff temporarily reduce their working time by 20%.

“We use short-term lay-offs as a temporary measure to lower our costs, while keeping our skilled employees. As soon as we see signs of an improved market situation, we want to be able to quickly increase our activity level again,” says Crister Fritzson, CEO at Net Insight.

The ongoing and planned actions is judged not to have material impact on Net Insight’s delivery capabilities. The company follows the development and is ready to adjust ongoing actions and to initiate new as the situation deemed required.

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