Net Insight powers pioneering multinational theater play showcasing commitment to merging culture and technology

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Stockholm, Sweden – Net Insight is proud to support a groundbreaking theatrical production, “Tre Rum” taking place in September. This innovative play explores the life of a woman across different stages of her life and is performed simultaneously in three countries, Sweden, Finland and Norway. This unique format was made possible through Net Insight's innovative media technology, ensuring minimal delay in video and audio, and a real-time experience for audiences in each location.

The play is part of the collaborative project "Innovative Rooms", part of the EU program Interreg Aurora, and a development project that supports collaborations between Nordic cultural actors, technology developers and educators, specifically in the northern parts of the countries. Net Insight is committed to supporting creative initiatives that merge culture and technology, and “Tre Rum” represents a significant step forward in this regard.

“By harnessing Net Insight’s low latency network technology to transport media, we have been able to revolutionize theater production with “Tre Rum”, performed simultaneously in three countries. This level of innovation is a testament to the transformative power of technology on cultural expression,” says Ann-Cathrine Fröjdö, project manager at Riksteatern, Swedish National Touring Theatre, one of the involved parties.

“We are delighted to see our technology serve as a key component in realizing this spearheading production and equally thrilled to support and develop cultural projects that enable a wider audience reach,” says Crister Fritzson, CEO of Net Insight. “We eagerly anticipate the transformative impact this will have on the arts.”

The production of 'Tre Rum' exemplifies how technology can profoundly reshape the landscape of performing arts. With a physical actress on each stage in the three countries, the three women meet in a virtual world before three different audiences in real time. The result is an out-of-body experience; a new form of stage art where the performance is unique depending on which of the three rooms you are in. Net Insight's commitment to this project aligns with its strategy of expanding into new market segments and customer segments.

The play is made possible in partnership with Net Insight, Epson, Servanet and Remote North, the Nordic community for distributed presence (NCDP), a network of universities, theaters, music schools, system specialists and organizations within performing arts.

Besides this play, Remote North utilizes Net Insight's ultra-low latency solution to foster all forms of live remote artistic performances, collaborations, and arts education. This allows for cultural exchange between artists, students, and teachers beyond geographical constraints. The result is a boost in efficiency, enhanced knowledge sharing, and professional growth. Moreover, it reduces the necessity for physical travel for rehearsals, lectures, and performances, thus contributing to sustainability by diminishing the environmental impact related to travel and logistics.

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