Change in number of shares and votes in Net Insight

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In December 2023, 895 000 warrants in the long-term incentive program that was decided by the annual general meeting 2020 (LTI 2020) were exercised, resulting in an increase of 895 000 B-shares and votes in Net Insight AB. This concluded LTI 2020.

Before the warrants were exercised, there were 1 000 000 A shares and 357 143 009 B shares, in total 358 143 009 shares and 367 143 009 votes, in the company. As of December 29, 2023, there are 1 000 000 A shares and 358 038 009 B shares, in total 359 038 009 shares and 368 038 009 votes, in the company.

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About Net Insight

Net Insight (Nasdaq: NETI B) provides the highest performing, most open video transport and media cloud technology for content providers as the industry standard for flexibility and service across live contribution, distribution and remote production media workflows. 

For over 25 years, the world’s leading content owners, broadcasters, production companies, service providers and enterprises have trusted Net Insight’s Emmy® Award winning Nimbra technology to guarantee media delivery. Today, Net Insight partners with hundreds of customers in over 70 countries to ensure media flows across managed and unmanaged IP networks, and the cloud – from anywhere, to everywhere. It enables customers to get the best from any mix of virtualized, cloud and IP technology and is the only platform to support all the major industry standards, protocols and clouds.

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