Net Insight launches new Zyntai synchronization product portfolio optimized for 5G and mission critical services

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Stockholm, Sweden – Net Insight today announces the launch of the new Zyntai portfolio for next generation synchronization solutions. The Zyntai product family will provide GNSS/GPS independent synchronization to 5G mobile and mission-critical networks in an exceptionally scalable, reliable, and cost-effective way.

The Zyntai products provide a complete synchronization solution with advanced algorithms and analytics to ensure high service security and availability and dramatically reduce CAPEX and OPEX for network operators.

“Our goal is to enable faster, more secure, and cost-efficient 5G rollouts for the world’s mobile operators and help support mission-critical services and applications with high security and reliability,” says Crister Fritzson, CEO of Net Insight. “With the Zyntai portfolio, we enable mobile network operators to achieve the 5G promise of new high-value real-time critical enterprise services and help them secure their 5G RoI (Return of Investment).”

“We have worked in close cooperation with our strategic partner Türk Telekom to gain the operator’s perspective and in-depth insight on how to achieve cost-efficiency in delivering accurate time to thousands of base stations, and managing large heterogeneous 5G networks,” says Per Lindgren, Group CTO and Head of Sync at Net Insight. “While our primary market is 5G networks, the Zyntai products support all markets requiring accurate time synchronization independent of GNSS/GPS with high security and reliability.”

“With Zyntai we can provide an extremely reliable, predictable, and consistent synchronization solution based on open standards and open APIs. The solution effectively handles asymmetries and traffic variations, keeping accurate time intact and available anywhere in the network,” says Hans Sjöstrand, Product Manager, Sync Products at Net insight. “5G is the first mobile generation that is cloud native and Zyntai’s open and disaggregated design allows synchronization to be kept separated from the underlying network, enabling operators to become more vendor independent and avoid large and costly network upgrades.”

Net Insight’s Zyntai platform – technical functions and benefits:

  • Zyntai delivers full PTP (Precision Time Protocol) timing support to the network edge over leased lines and existing IP infrastructure without requiring PTP enabled infrastructure, drastically reducing cost, and accelerating 5G rollouts.
  • The Zyntai products are fully GNSS/GPS independent and meet the high security, redundancy, and regulatory requirements for network equipment in mission critical networks.
  • The Zyntai platform is based on a modern open microservice architecture to guarantee flexibility, scalability, and operational simplicity even with thousands of network devices.
  • The advanced streaming telemetry includes over a hundred different synchronization metrics with nanosecond accuracy, which are constantly made available both via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and to the centralized Zyntai Director.
  • Based on a design for easy and optimal scalability, the Zyntai solution is very flexible bringing both core and access TimeNodes to support efficient time synchronization anywhere in the 5G mobile and critical network.
  • Together with Net Insight’s partner Meinberg, the Zyntai products provide a complete, industry hardened IEEE1588v2 PTP stack supporting both telecom, media, and power utility profiles to effectively combine accurate time distribution and PTP delivery.

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About Net Insight

Net Insight (Nasdaq: NETI B) offers a GNSS/GPS independent time synchronization solution for TDD (Time Division Duplex) 5G networks through its Precision TimeNet product that provides the highest accuracy and performance while dramatically reducing CAPEX and OPEX for MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) and speeding up 5G roll-outs by working over existing IP/MPLS networks.

With over 25 years of experience from the professional media industry where the world’s leading media providers have relied on Net insight’s Emmy®-winning Nimbra solution to guarantee their media transport and to accurately synchronize TV and media services over existing IP networks independently of GNSS/GPS. Net Insight now brings this uniquely established knowledge into the future mobile networks to solve 5G TDD time synchronization independent of GNSS/GPS. Solving time synchronization in 5G and 6G TDD networks through approaching it as an open disaggregated virtualized end-to-end service provided independent of the underlying network is for Net Insight the only future proof approach.

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