Redefine 5G sync

The heartbeat for network resilience and monetization


Timing is everything in 5G

With the ongoing global deployment of 5G, networks are evolving in terms of capacity and coverage, and with the introduction of new advanced applications and use cases. Central to all these advancements is the need for resilient time synchronization.

Enables fast nationwide mid-band deployment

Time synchronization is required for the 3.5GHz TDD mid-band spectrum. As deployment expands nationally, especially into rural areas, it will heighten the importance of securing robust synchronization.

Activates new advanced applications

Applications like Network Slicing and URLLC will enable new services while network functions like Massive MIMO and Carrier Aggregation enhance network performance. These are key for monetization as well as network operations and underscore the need for robust sync.

Secures availability for critical applications

5G encompasses critical services for entities such as emergency response teams and other government services, necessitating heightened levels of availability and security for network applications.


Challenges with existing synchronization alternatives

Traditionally, time synchronization has been realized through the utilization of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) solutions such as GPS, or through network-based approaches like PTP (Precision Time Protocol).

GNSS is vulnerable to interference and not viable to deploy everywhere

PTP is not designed for larger networks and does not support leased capacity

PTP requires costly and time-extensive hardware upgrades


Our overlay sync distributes time synchronization over any IP network

In-network sync

Overlay distribution on top of any IP network

Advanced real-time control

Edge compute to optimize sync performance

Centralized intelligence

End-to-end observability and orchestration


Bring your 5G network to the next level

Achieve GNSS independence

Ensures you are not reliant on external sources, and grants you full control over synchronization.

Deploy 5G fast and cost-optimized

Accelerates 5G deployment, including for more rural areas, while optimizing costs by reducing the need for extensive hardware upgrades.

Assure sync robustness and security

Provides reliable sync performance and protection against external threats.

Secure efficient operations and maintenance

Manages sync in one end-to-end system minimizing operations overhead and reducing potential errors.


Find out more about our 5G sync solution

Achieve GNSS independence

In this webinar we delve into the implementation of overlay network sync, allowing you to distribute timing and synchronization in top of the existing IP network within your mobile network infrastructure.

GNSS/GPS Independent 5G Synchronization

This paper describes the inherent challenges with providing accurate phase and time for 5G mobile networks.

GNSS independent time sync across 5G network with leased capacity

Three Sweden was tasked with implementing a GPS/GNSS independent time synchronization solution for their nationwide 5G network, a critical requirement set by the Swedish regulator PTS for all 5G licenses. Given that 70% of their base stations rely on leased capacity links, finding a suitable solution posed a significant challenge.

Open and disaggregated sync solution enables fast 5G rollout process

Combining forces, telecom operator Türk Telekom and Net Insight revolutionizes 5G networks by developing and rolling out the world’s first GNSS independent overlay synchronization solution which reduces cost and time-to-market for 5G deployments.

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