Aperi Platforms

A truly native live IP video infrastructure

Why use Aperi A1101 and Aperi A1105?

Scalability and all IP in its core

The Aperi platform (Aperi A1101 and Aperi A1105) is an innovative product portfolio of live IP Media Function Virtualization (MFV) solutions. The open and standards-based solutions bring data center robustness, agility and economics to the most mission-critical live sports, entertainment, and news program productions in the world. Aperi is a key ingredient in our strategy to deliver open, automated, and standard IP solutions over any kind of networking, including cloud networking. It defines a new type of media broadcast, and is relied upon to provide automation, adaptability, scalability, and class-leading remote production media workflows all over the globe.

Unlock the power of Aperi media processing for your media production needs. With the Aperi platform, you gain unparalleled control and efficiency in handling media workflows. Experience the exceptional capabilities of Aperi media processing, enabling you to streamline, optimize, and elevate your media production to new heights. From automated processes to adaptable and scalable solutions, Whether it’s live sports, entertainment, or news programs, Aperi’s robust and agile platform offers class-leading Aperi media processing to meet your demanding requirements.

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How does it work?

Truly native live IP

Through IP-based media function virtualization (MFV), FPGA technology and off-the-shelf hardware, Aperi A1101 and Aperi A1105 provides truly native live IP video infrastructure.

Open platform

Spin new channels and workflows up or down as needed to capture viewers in a matter of minutes, not months. New function and format innovations are delivered at the speed of software, thanks to the generic and open server-switch platform.

Format-agnostic design

Future ready, thanks to IP’s format-agnostic design, you can reach consumers wherever they are—on mobile devices and tablets—with a platform that accommodates 4K, remote production and more.

Unique feature set

Leverage the cloud infrastructure if you wish to scale in an elastic way, and monitor services end to end as well as end point monitoring.

How does it work?

Instant deployment

Aperi offers instant deployment by starting and stopping software applications using lightweight virtual machines. There is no need to adapt or change the underlying common off-the-shelf compute and switch platform.

Flexible and optimum scalable

Aperi A1101 and Aperi A1105, with their flexible and optimum scalable architecture, reduces the friction moving from one IP workflow to another. This not only increase the responsiveness and cost-effectiveness, also quality and timeliness of the contents for the media companies.

About Net Insight

We are trusted

For over 20 years, we have been trusted by the world’s leading brands – from LinkedIn and The Switch to Tata Communications and SVT.

We are pioneers

Aperi is a pioneer of virtualized-media production that offers scalability and all-IP at its core; just as Nimbra Edge, our hyper-scale media cloud platform, have revolutionized the way we consume media, enabling you to connect, manage, and consume content easily from anywhere.

Your Transformation partner

We help our customers transform their media businesses and benefit from IP and virtualization solutions — new software-defined, virtual and distributed media workflows. This way, our customers can build on their existing hardware investments.

The perfect combination of Hard and Software


Utilizing the combination of Aperi A1101 Compute Switch and Aperi A1105 Ethernet Switch/Compute with the matching Software, we are able to adapt the solution for your needs.


Together with our programming partners we develop the latest softwares to match your needs, you can find a list of the current ones here.
Some examples of developed applications are: JPEG 2000 Encoder and Decoder.


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Aperi platforms offer scalability, automation, and adaptability for live sports, entertainment, and news production.

They provide live IP media function virtualization, agility, economic benefits, and support for remote production workflows.

They use IP-based media function virtualization and FPGA technology for live IP video infrastructure, supporting diverse formats like 4K.

Aperi platforms are format-agnostic, support cloud scaling, and offer end-to-end service monitoring.

Yes, Aperi platforms are future-ready with IP’s format-agnostic design, accommodating various formats including 4K and supporting remote production.

Aperi platforms are designed for mission-critical live sports, entertainment, and news productions, offering robustness, agility, and cost-effective solutions.

The open platform allows for quick channel and workflow adjustments, enabling fast response to viewer demands and market changes.