Remote video production and broadcast comes of age

Transforming content production and delivery

Remote production has become a cornerstone for driving efficiency in live event production. In response to the events of 2020, the demand for technologies that enable remote workflows for talent and crew located anywhere has soared.

Net Insight, with its commitment to cutting-edge technology and decades of proven expertise, is proud to offer remote production solutions that are both agile and streamlined, allowing for no-compromise workflows for live events from anywhere in the world.

The benefits of remote production solutions are numerous. By enabling Tier 1 events to be produced with reduced crew at the venue, travel and accommodation costs can be greatly reduced, while minimizing any associated risks for the production crew.

Production equipment can also be used more efficiently from a centralized facility, instead of being tied up during transport between venues. Additionally, remote production solutions contribute significantly to reducing the carbon impact of live events.

As the competition for viewership intensifies, broadcasters and media providers must achieve more with fewer resources. Net Insight’s remote video production enable our clients to achieve their production goals without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Our commitment to delivering the same level of resources and experience as an on-site production, while also providing the benefits of a remote workflow, ensures that our clients receive the highest level of service possible.

Streamline the cost of remote video production and broadcast

In today’s broadcasting landscape, staying competitive requires keeping pace with the latest technological advancements while maximizing resources. Remote production broadcast, also known as REMI or at-home production, offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for delivering high-quality live event coverage.

With remote production, raw camera feeds, audio, and equipment control can be sent over IP infrastructure to a central or distributed studio, eliminating the need for specialized staff to travel to the event. This approach allows remote production teams to cover multiple events per day from a central location, increasing output while reducing operational costs.

Net Insight provides the most open video transport and media cloud technology, partnering with customers in over 70 countries to manage media flows across multiple locations. With our remote production broadcast capabilities, we help media companies optimize resources and eliminate bottlenecks in their workflows, enabling no-compromise workflows with talent and crew located anywhere.

Our cutting-edge technology and decades of industry expertise allow us to deliver the best possible remote production solutions for our customers. With Net Insight, media companies can stay ahead of the curve, delivering top-quality content while maximizing operational efficiencies.

The approach gives broadcasters the ability to shift CAPex to OPex using infrastructure-as-a-service to pay for just the resources they need for as long as they need.

The move to REMI production empowers broadcasters and enterprise corporates or digital players like eSports to scale, dramatically, and at will. Deliver more content and richer personalized experiences to engage with viewers across all platforms from social to OTT to TV. Simultaneously conduct parallel live video productions and output more content to maximize the value of rights.

Net Insight and at-home production

Net Insight offers a comprehensive solution for broadcasters and production houses with our remote (REMI, at-home) and distributed production capabilities. Our cutting-edge technology enables fully distributed production workflows over IP, ensuring complete control and manageability even with geographically dispersed teams.

With our at-home production solutions, you can seamlessly produce video content from a distance by sending raw camera feeds, audio, and equipment control over an IP infrastructure to a central or distributed studio facility. This approach reduces the need for specialized staff to travel to events and enables them to work from home, covering multiple events per day.

Net Insight delivers a seamlessly integrated IP media solution which frees production teams from limitations of location to focus on the business of delivering outstanding content. Essentially what we are able to do with Nimbra is to provide the production team with the same facilities they would have on site uncompromised by being accessed at-home.

Nimbra enables you to send diverse feeds with confidence. Technologies employing low-latency compression techniques, such as JPEG2000 video compression, can maintain video quality and optimum control over equipment over long distances.

With Net Insight you can simulate any distance within the kit without actually running signals down lengths of cable. Nimbra can verify signals working over tens or hundreds of kilometers away enabling producers to rigorously test workflows ahead of time.

REMI production is evolving from centralized to a virtualized and decentralized gallery accessed in the cloud. Critical partnerships with vendors are essential to developing features that enable solutions that support this evolution.

Together, we will create both broader and more targeted content for your consumers as live video moves into the cloud.

Net Insight helps customers

Do more with less

Remote production effectively resolves bottlenecks in your live event production

Value your talents

Use your on-screen talents for more productions

Deliver more and better

Better production quality, tailored to multiple platforms

Save more

Reduce your overall production costs and your environmental impact

Remote production fits

Production companies

Produce more with less, allocate the right resources and talents where they bring the most value. Open up new revenue streams.


Control your own broadcast and give your viewers the content they want to see, when they want to see it. Keep your streams synchronized and the latency low to deliver personalized and dramatized content in real time.


Give your viewers the content they want, anywhere, anytime, on any device, in a cost-effective way. Remove the bottlenecks of your production workflows while ensuring low latency and high quality contribution. 

Rights owners

Give the best experience to your viewersDeliver high quality content on any devices, anywhere, anytime. Secure your brand assets and build brand loyalty.  

Service providers

Enable a seamless remote production that addresses the challenges of latency, secure and reliable transport as well as stream synchronization. Harness the power of the cloud to make it easier and faster for broadcasters to bring content from the field and get it to air quickly.

Corporate broadcast

Strengthen your employer branding and better engage with your teams. With broadcast-grade events such as town halls, you can create new ways to convey your company values and connect offices.

Why choose Net Insight for remote production?

Secure and reliable

Open and interoperable

Ultra-low latency

Elastic and proven

Plug and play

Cloud enabled


Do you have a remote production project?

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Remote production allows for live event production with crew and talent located anywhere, reducing costs and carbon impact while increasing efficiency.

By enabling production with fewer on-site staff and centralized equipment use, it significantly cuts down travel and accommodation costs.

Our solutions offer no-compromise workflows, operational efficiency, and the ability to cover multiple events per day from a central location.

Yes, Net Insight’s technology is suitable for high-profile events, providing quality production with reduced crew and resources.

Our technology, such as Nimbra, enables seamless production by sending diverse feeds over IP, ensuring quality and control for at-home production teams.