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Business concept

Net Insight is defining new ways to deliver media. Net Insight is driving the transformation of video networks with open IP, virtualized and cloud solutions that enable our customers to simply and cost-effectively create live experiences. With the product area Media Networks, Net Insight is opening up new routes for customers to produce and deliver content to viewers anywhere. Revenues are generated through sales of hardware and software solutions and services. The product area time synchronization enables cost-effective, more secure and faster roll-out of 5G networks or other critical networks.

Business model

Revenues are generated through sales of hardware and software solutions and services.

Step 1: Initial investment in infrastructure

Initially, the customer makes an investment in hardware to build a robust network infrastructure that is optimized for media transport. The hardware is selected for its long lifespan and ability to handle large data volumes, which is crucial for efficient media distribution.

Step 2: Implementation of advanced software features

Once the infrastructure is in place, we integrate both basic and advanced software features to enable highquality and efficient distribution of media across various channels. These features are designed to maximize compatibility and performance across a wide range of receiving devices.

Step 3: Ongoing support and maintenance
We provide continuous support and maintenance for the initial infrastructure. This ensures the reliability and performance of the system and proactively addresses any challenges associated with media transport.

Step 4: Expansion with new software features

To meet the growing and evolving needs of the media transport sector, we offer expansion of the existing system with new software features. This may include additional encoding capabilities, enhanced security features to protect against data breaches, and advanced data transfer protocols to optimize the distribution of media content.

Step 5: Expansion of processing capacity

We offer expansions for processing capacity through additional cards for the existing chassis. These additions enhance the system’s ability to handle larger volumes of media files and more complex processing, which is crucial for supporting the scalability of media transport.


Broadcasters, service providers, production companies, telcos and enterprises. Net Insight has over 500 customers in more than 70 countries.

Value creators

The solutions are deployed by the world’s leading media brands to keep their mission-critical media networks running smoothly. New technology is enabling these players to adopt new, more cost efficient and flexible ways to produce and deliver content. Net Insight can play an important role to support our customers making this gradual transition.

Net Insight benefits from underlying market trends like the general increase in video traffic, live streaming and file-based transfers. Other trends supporting the company’s growth prospects include the broader coverage of live events, move towards remote production and increased use of Internet and cloud for media production and transport.

Market and trends


The media technology industry is currently undergoing significant changes, particularly in the areas of live sports broadcasting and remote production. Technological advancements are making live sports broadcasts more flexible and of higher quality, while remote production solutions offer cost-effective and customizable alternatives. These changes are restructuring the industry and emphasizing the importance of real-time content and technological innovation, where we see significant potential for our offerings.

  • Continued transition to IP
  • Cloud-based workflows continue to grow
  • Increased requirements for content


In the 5G segment, we are witnessing growing demand for alternatives to GPS, driven by an increased need for time synchronization to address growing security challenges. The synchronization industry for 5G and 6G is expanding, with a focus on precision in time synchronization. Despite a general downturn in the 5G market, the synchronization market is growing, driven by increased demand for secure and more reliable network solutions.

  • Critical role of time synchronization in 5G networks
  • Great market potential in other areas
  • GPS disruptions becoming more common
  • Precision Time Protocol (PTP) clocks

Net Insight´s strategy

Net Insight is strengthening its market position within IP media and cloud by adapting to the rapid transition towards IP and cloud-based services in the media industry. The company’s strategy, aimed at long-term sustainable growth, includes establishing a solid foundation internally, developing its core business, and expanding into adjacent technology and market segments. This entails increasing sales in new customer segments, a larger share of recurring licensing revenues, and a focus on time synchronization. The following strategic areas provide insight into how Net Insight plans to navigate the rapidly evolving technology industry.

These points together form Net Insight’s strategic direction for driving growth and success in the future. By implementing these initiatives, Net Insight positions itself as a leading operator in video transport and media cloud technology, and expands into adjacent technologies such as time synchronization to continue providing innovative solutions to its customers.

  • Strengthening market position in IP media and cloud
  • Achieving growth through existing customer relationships
  • Expanding business in a new customer segment
  • Product consolidation and targeted R&D investment
  • Recruitment and integration within the synchronization team
  • Expand global presence with time synchronization
  • Strengthening leadership, culture, and values

Why invest in Net Insight

With innovative solutions and a strong market position, Net Insight continues to demonstrate market leadership in a rapidly changing technology world. In 2023, the company’s journey further confirmed Net Insight as an attractive choice for investors seeking long-term growth and sustainability.

Profitable growth and strong financial position

Net Insight has a solid financial position, providing the flexibility and capacity to continue investing in innovation and sustainable growth. With increased revenue and a higher proportion of recurring income from license-based customer offerings, revenue becomes more stable and less sensitive to individual transactions. The company has achieved growth for thirteen consecutive quarters and delivered record operating profit in 2023. Net Insight raised its financial targets at the start of 2023, and current targets for the period 2023- 2027 comprise average annual organic growth of 15% and operating margin of 20% during the period.

Strong market position

For over 25 years, Net Insight has been at the forefront of digital innovation, working closely with leading TV broadcasters and service providers to deliver high-quality video from major live sports and entertainment events. With a global presence and expertise in media solutions and time synchronization, the company has successfully expanded into IP and cloud-based media transport, as well as established itself in time synchronization for 5G. Despite macroeconomic uncertainty, Net Insight’s stable growth in these areas demonstrates its ability to successfully navigate dynamic markets, solidifying its position as an industry leader and innovator.

Innovation and cutting-edge technology

Net Insight stands out through its adaptability and innovative utilization of technological advancements. The company’s commitment to R&D has resulted in successful commercialization of advanced technology. The Nimbra product platform, which has been honored with a technical Emmy® Award, has also laid a solid foundation for the company’s success. This platform continues to be a sales success, thanks to ongoing software upgrades that support existing hardware infrastructure, and a sustainability-focused strategy. In 2020, Net Insight sold its innovative consumer streaming solution to Amazon, enabling increased investments in the core media business. With the launch of Zyntai, a groundbreaking platform offering GPS-independent time synchronization for 5G and other critical networks, Net Insight continues its journey as a pioneering trailblazer.

Media transport

Net Insight provides media transport solutions for the entire B2B value chain. The value chain encompasses various stakeholders with diverse requirements. We develop both software and hardware solutions for IP networks and over the internet.

Innovation in media transport
With a forward-thinking vision of the future of IP and cloud-based solutions, Net Insight is a trusted partner for the world’s leading media companies. Offering a comprehensive portfolio of fiber, IP, and cloud-based media transport solutions, Net Insight helps customers to easily produce and deliver content to viewers worldwide. Net Insight is well-positioned in the media industry’s transformation and continues to drive advancements in IP media and cloud technology to meet the needs and demands of customers.

Net Insight’s target audience is broad and includes four main types of customers: service providers, rights holders, production companies, and TV broadcasters. These customer segments have unique needs and requirements, which we tailor our strategy to. We focus on building strong relationships with our larger customers while adapting our strategy to meet the needs of smaller operators through effective use of resellers and integrators. We aim to be a trusted partner for our customers by providing expertise and support throughout the process, from initial discussions to implementation and ongoing support.

”We are proud of our recent successes, including the recognition of our IP Media Trust Boundary solution. Our technologies have demonstrated reliability and performance, and we are excited to welcome new talent to the team. Our product launches and partnerships reflect our commitment to enhancing our offering and driving efficiency in the industry. These achievements highlight our dedication to innovation.”

Ulrik Rohne,
CTO Media
Net Insight


Production in live media transport involves the creation and production of live content such as TV broadcasts or livestreamed events.

Net Insight’s Emmy® Award-winning Nimbra platform is used for live production of sports and other events. It supports remote production and reduces costs by minimizing the need for on-site resources such as OB vans (Outside Broadcasting) and personnel. Our technology enables personnel to work remotely and provides secure IP-based workflows for media. The technology is adaptable for both high quality and simpler productions, and supports the growing trend towards cloud-based content creation.


Contribution involves the process of transferring the produced content from one location to another, often to a TV network or channel.

Net Insight’s Nimbra platform offers reliable and efficient IP-based transport of live content to rights holders for global sports events. This ensures seamless and high-quality delivery of content, which is crucial for the success of demanding live events. Our solutions include both fiber and cloud-based contribution, tailored to meet the need for secure and high-quality transport, which is critical to meet the demands of a global audience.

Primary distribution

Primary distribution is the stage where the finished content, such as from a TV channel, is sent out to distributors such as cable TV companies or IPTV operators, who then deliver the content to viewers, either through traditional TV broadcasting or via the internet to various platforms and devices.

Net Insight’s technology supports primary distribution of content to OTT companies and cable TV distributors, facilitating the transition to cloud and internet solutions for more cost-effective distribution. The company’s solutions, which are leading in professional media over IP, handle a wide range of broadcasts and productions. This includes large-scale data center installations and ensures high quality, secure media transport, as well as network monitoring for a global audience.

Customers and needs

Service Providers
This includes telecommunications and media service providers specializing inproviding media transport solutions, including production and contribution transport, as well as distribution solutions, primarily targeting broadcasters.

Their needs
The solution should be versatile, network-compatible, integrable, reliable, and scalable for different customers and network types, with a focus on quality control and managing multiple separate customers simultaneously.

Broadcasters manage the procurement, production, and distribution of live content to viewers. They possess expertise and have their own solutions for the entire chain, from production to contribution, primary distribution, and consumer distribution.

Their needs
A user-friendly solution with plug-and-play functionality, easy to customize for different event configurations, compatible with different network types (including managed networks and cloud/internet), and capable of handling both live and nonlive requirements within the same platform.

Production companies
Production companies, specializing in creating live content for events, offer theirservices to broadcasters, rights holders, and rights agencies.

Their needs
The solution should offer user-friendly plug-and-play functionality, use project-based pricing with operational costs, have customizable workflows for different events, and be capable of managing multiple separate customers simultaneously.

Rights holders
Rights holders, responsible for championships or leagues, generate revenue from their sports events. They sell broadcasting rights to media companies, which in turn broadcast or distribute these events to a larger audience.

Their needs
The need for increased content value with customization options, meeting high security requirements to protect the content, and ensuring quality control and resilience for reliable content transmission.

“Net Insight’s success is built on a sales strategy that adapts to global market changes and exceeds customer expectations. Through innovation and a focus on cutting-edge technology, we ensure long-term growth and leadership.”

Mårten Blixt
Net Insight

Time Synchronization

Time synchronization increasingly important in
many industries
Society has become increasingly reliant on accurate time synchronization across many areas, and the demand for precision has increased to ensure the proper functioning of new advanced features in power grids, telecom networks and media production.

Traditionally, satellite-based systems such as GPS have often been used for this purpose. However, the geopolitical situation has highlighted the vulnerability of GPS signal and how easily it can be disrupted, thereby jeopardizing these critical functions. A study conducted by GPS.gov indicates that the economic impact on the United States in the event of a GPS failure could exceed USD 1 billion per day.

5G and 6G will revolutionize how we communicate and enable entirely new services for both businesses and end-users. However, for these new services to function effectively, precise time synchronization is a
fundamental requirement. Unlike 4G, 5G and 6G will support critical services and real-time business applications that require high availability and strong security. GPS or other GNSS (Global Navigation
Satellite Systems) alone are not reliable synchronization options and should be complemented with network synchronization. Sweden recognized this early on and mandated its 5G operators to put an active backup to GPS/GNSS in place by January 1, 2025. Net Insight’s solution meets the stringent demands for precise time synchronization and can serve as a complement or alternative to GPS/GNSS.

Our solution is an advanced time synchronization method for 5G networks and critical infrastructure, specifically designed to offer a high level of security and reliability, which is crucial for critical applications. It is designed to be cost-effective and fully interoperable with existing infrastructure, facilitating integration into existing network environments. The solution, as an alternative to traditional GPS/GNSS-based time synchronization, ensures the necessary accuracy to provide reliable and secure synchronization across heterogeneous networks. This improves service availability and reduces the cost and complexity of deploying large networks with stringent timing requirements.

Time synchronization for 5G, 6G and critical networks: advances and opportunities
We have been providing advanced synchronization solutions to hundreds of media companies and network operators in over 70 countries for over 25 years. One unique aspect of our solutions is the ability to deliver extremely accurate synchronization over existing networks, even for operators who do not own their own infrastructure and instead rely on leased capacity. The time synchronization solution has been used for over 15 years in national digital TV networks, independent of GPS/GNSS synchronization.

At the end of 2021, Net Insight and Türk Telekom signed a strategic partnership agreement worth SEK 220 million after careful evaluation and multiple tests. The aim of this collaboration was to develop a time synchronization solution for large-scale 5G networks and future 6G networks. Recognizing the importance of having a solution independent of GPS/GNSS due to its geographical location, Türk Telekom identified
significant cost and operational advantages with the new technology, which was named Precision TimeNet. At the end of 2023, we released the new optimized time synchronization product Zyntai based on this strategic partnership.

Customers and needs

Telecom operators and service providers using 5G TDD networks

Their needs
Time synchronization is a fundamental function within 5G TDD (Time Division Duplex) and 5G Advanced networks.5G enables new revenue streams for operators in real-time critical enterprise applications such as industrial automation, remote controlled processes, and smart grids. All of these applications require a highly robust and secure 5G network with accurate time synchronization. Being independent of satellite solutions, like GPS, has become a stronger requirement from both operators and regulators. Net Insight’s solution can significantly reduce both cost and complexity compared to other network synchronization solutions.

Critical infrastructure networks and organizations in need of reliable time and positioning services

Their needs
These organizations are faced with the need for robust and secure infrastructure. A central component is accurate time synchronization, especially considering the risks associated with GPS/GNSS services that can be disrupted and manipulated during conflicts. There is growing demand for distributed, diversified time synchronization solutions that also work in challenging and encrypted network environments.

Major utility companies and power grids

Their needs
During 2023, Net Insight conducted tests in the power sector and will evaluate a larger special initiative within this growing market in 2024. The need for precise timing will increase even more as all power grids and power stations become digitized, which is set to happen over the coming years. At the same time, network fluctuations are increasing with the introduction of more renewable energy sources, which require new accurate phase measurements that also demand precise timing.

“Net Insight’s 25-year experience in time synchronization for global media companies
gives us unique opportunities to meet the strong market demand for a reliable and GPS/GNSS-independent time synchronization solution for 5G and mission-critical networks.”

Per Lindgren
CTO Media and Head of Sync
Net Insight

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