About Net Insight

Business concept

Net Insight is defining new ways to deliver media. Net Insight is driving the transformation of video networks with open IP, virtualized and cloud solutions that enable our customers to simply and costeffectively create live experiences. With the product area Media Networks, Net Insight is opening up new routes for customers to produce and deliver content to viewers anywhere. Revenues are generated through sales of hardware and software solutions and services. The 5G synchronization product area enables cost-effective, more secure and faster roll-out of 5G networks.

Business model

Revenues are generated through sales of hardware and software solutions and services.


Broadcasters, service providers, production companies and enterprises. Net Insight has over 500 customers in more than 70 countries.

Value creators

The solutions are deployed by the world’s leading media brands to keep their mission-critical media networks running smoothly. New technology is enabling these players to adopt new, more cost efficient and flexible ways to produce and deliver content. Net Insight can play an important role to support our customers making this gradual transition.

Net Insight benefits from underlying market trends like the general increase in video traffic, live streaming and file-based transfers. Other trends supporting the company’s growth prospects include the broader coverage of live events, move towards remote production and increased use of Internet and cloud for media production and transport.


The strategy was set in 2020 and can be divided into three parts, where the first relates to establishing the internal foundation, the second to developing core operations and achieving long-term profitable growth, and the third to expansion in new market segments.

The first part relates to developing and increasing the efficiency of the internal organization through IT support processes and a new management structure. Net Insight has restructured its sales regions to strengthen and focus sales in each area. This part includes developing the internal culture and external market communication with the digital presence in focus. The changes are being made to follow the market transformation, but also to increase Net Insight’s attractiveness as an employer, which is particularly important as the company is expanding. The market is undergoing a major transition towards IP and cloudbased media solutions. Alongside the transition to new video formats such as 4K and 8K, this also drives extensive network upgrades where product portfolios are being extended to include IP Gateway and cloud products. These trends have been accelerated by the pandemic, which has required new solutions for network-based remote production and opens up for major long-term growth areas in the existing media business.

Part two includes investment and a sharpened focus in these growth areas. It also includes new business and pricing models aimed at increasing the proportion of recurring revenue.

The third part involves Net Insight evaluating new growth areas for its existing technology and leading-edge competencies, a process that has been underway for some time. This includes time synchronization where the company has a unique GPS-independent solution for synchronizing national digital TV networks. During 2021, this resulted in an initial major deal in synchronization of 5G networks with Turkish telecom operator Türk Telekom. The agreement opens up a new market for Net Insight at the same time as the company retains its sharp focus and investment rate in the existing media business.

Market and trends

The media industry is undergoing extensive transformation. The transition towards IP and the cloud is progressing rapidly at the same time as the need for remote and distributed production increases. End consumers are driving increased bandwidth and new video formats in the networks. Over time, mobile 5G networks will transform many industries and also create new media opportunities. 5G networks require precise synchronization, which has opened up new market potential for Net Insight’s solution for time synchronization over existing IP networks, including a major first order in the year.

  • Transition to IP and cloudbased services continues
  • Increased need for remote and distributed production
  • Need for increased bandwidth and new video formats
  • Secure transport of media streams increasingly important
  • From satellite to the cloud
  • 5G a carrier for media services
  • Increased demand in 5G networks creates new business opportunities


The major transformation to new formats and IP and cloudbased workflows that is underway creates new opportunities as existing customers need to upgrade and replace infrastructure, at the same time as new production companies and content owners need to build new solutions.

Net Insight is well positioned on the market and is known for delivering video streams securely and at the highest quality over both national and global IP networks. Net Insight has worked with cloudbased video solutions since 2015, and the work with Nimbra Edge has provided the company with a strong position ahead effectively utilizing the cloud for video streams from arenas and content owners to playout sites. These broad and strong competencies in video transport, from managing the world’s largest events to fast remote production via the cloud, makes the company unique and well positioned in media market growth segments generated by the transformation.

Media Networks

With a strong forward-looking vision for IP and cloud solutions, Net Insight helps the world’s leading media companies to simply and cost-effectively produce and deliver content for viewers – regardless of where they are located. Net Insight’s powerful portfolio with Nimbra and Aperi products offers exceptional breadth in terms of managing fiber, IP and cloudbased media transport, which means that the company is well positioned in the ongoing media industry transformation.

Broad offering leads to additional sales

Net Insight has one of the industry’s broadest product portfolios divided into the three product areas IP Gateways, Nimbra MSR (Media Switch Routers) and Cloud. The increased investments in IP Gateway expand the company’s addressable market with new offerings. Several areas of use often apply to a single customer, which means that additional sales can be made to existing and new customers.

Synergies reduce costs

In product development, synergies can be found between the different areas, mainly IP Gateway and Nimbra MSR. For example, software functions are developed in the software that can be used in the same hardware to create an IP Gateway or Nimbra MSR. Net Insight also reconfigures the hardware for different areas of use, which increases flexibility and reduces the cost to the client.

Open solutions support industry protocols

The entire industry is moving towards standard solutions that create flexibility and avoid locking in a particular product or standard. This means that Net Insight supports all major standards in cloud transport such as RIST, SRT and Zixi, and in IP Gateway and Nimbra MSR the company has focused on JPEG XS, ST 2110 and ST 2022.

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