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“Our customer, who is a prestigious Telecom Operator in Canada, is rolling out a nationwide 5G network and needed a cost-effective network synchronization solution complementing GPS/GNSS for highest reliability and security. The ability to provide accurate time synchronization over its existing large IP network, reducing cost and complexity of time synchronization for 5G, were key reasons for choosing a pilot with Net Insight´s Precision TimeNet solution.”

Alain Cauchy,
CEO Geartech Technologies

“We have worked closely with Net Insight to verify the solution across our existing network and consider it a solid fit for Three’s nationwide 5G synchronization.”

Per Stigenberg,
CTO of Three

“Türk Telekom is the no. 1 lead operator in Türkiye, and it is our responsibility to shape the future and lead the digital transformation. The important collaboration with Net Insight with development of GNSS independent Precision TimeNet ensure we can deploy 5G networks with security, reliability, and a faster rollout process.”

Ümit Önal,
CEO Türk Telekom