The Top 4 Challenges for Service Providers Now and Beyond


Covid has acted as the accelerator to an existing movement in the media market — one towards cloud technology, virtualization, and standardized IP being the foundations of production, broadcast, and the formation of new customer-centric services. 

These are the top 4 challenges we have identified for Service providers 

  • The need for greater agility 

As content comes from more smaller resource sources, service providers must find ways to deliver to more receivers in a cost-effective way. 

  • Infrastructure demands 

The increase in streaming and interactive services throughout the pandemic is pushing your legacy infrastructure beyond its limits.  

  • Measuring success 

With the demand for more interactive services, there is a greater need for greater analytics potential to measure how and where media is being consumed.  

  • Blurred lines 

The definition between TV, OTT, and digital video are blurred, thanks to the wide variety of streaming services and devices now in play.  

Stay relevant in a changing marketplace – Remote production for service providers 

Standardization that remote production enables across media transportation is a key requirement for service providers that in turn helps with cost efficiency.  

Virtualization using high-capacity processing is another key functionality that will enable service providers to reinvent their offerings and stay relevant in a changing marketplace.  

Data analytics provide the type of ongoing performance insights that enable you to monitor your investment.  

We can Support your ongoing transformation 

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