The New

What’s new on our website – and why

Our website is a very important tool in our communication to you, our customers, talents and other stakeholders. With the constant evolution of the broadcasting industry, we needed a new website that better reflects our company in being innovative, future-proof and customer-focused, a website that not only tells a story but also shows success, and more importantly, a website with easy navigation to help visitors find relevant information and resources.

This is why we decided that our web needed a complete makeover – it needed to be flexible and modern. It needed clear messages on what solutions we offer and an efficient way of finding information. And last but not least, it needed a refreshed visual profile to match its pioneering content.

These conclusions kicked off a monumental project, with extensive research and a lot of data gathering, all driven by the core questions – what do you really need from our site? And how do we provide it best?

Our answer is here. We are proud to present the new – new look and feel, easy navigation, and full customer focus.

To clearly differentiate between our areas of expertise while maintaining the Net Insight look and feel, we have put to use our brand-new color palette, which has dedicated signifier colors for each product area.

Our customer stories and testimonials are now where they should be – in a prime position on our website.

All resources and content that you need are now gathered in one center, making it easy for you to find the information you’re looking for.

The new layout is made for faster and easier navigation, it recommends the right content to you, and it helps us understand how to keep improving your experience on the site.

From now on, it will be easy to share our news and events with you, while also keeping all our information relevant and updated. We hope you will enjoy our new website as much as we enjoyed creating it. Happy surfing!

We continuously strive to achieve the best user experience for our visitors, so if you have any feedback or questions don’t hesitate to contact us at