Nimbra Edge datasheet

Nimbra Edge is the cloud-based media platform that simplifies content delivery. Learn how Nimbra Edge helps broadcasters, production companies and service providers to offer modern media transport over IP infrastructure.

Download this data sheet to learn about its key features, customer benefits and technical specifications.

The sheet outlines how immersive, personalized content is transforming the media landscape. In order to compete, media service providers need to move to the cloud. The key is a secure and open cloud-based media transport platform. Nimbra Edge reduces network complexity and helps you reap the benefits of the cloud.


Ingest live feeds from any location or appliance, from any formats or protocols.


Always stay in control over the streaming of your content. Deliver secure and reliable high-quality video over IP networks.


A flexible, agile platform built on an intuitive and intelligent user interface. A set of analytics tools monitor and predict for better monetization.


Easily integrate into existing infrastructure or spin up a new environment. Pay only for the resources you need, when you need them.


An open microservice architecture with elasticity to future proof and scale your business

Learn more about Nimbra Edge by downloading the data sheet.