Net Insight – Simplylive Solution partnership targeting Live production

Net Insight and Simplylive, have taken a first step towards a coupled and interoperable solution utilizing Simplylive´s ViBox software-based applications and Net Insight’s Nimbra Edge, a comprehensive all-cloud media delivery ecosystem.

During 2020, the adoption of cloud technology and IP-based infrastructure was truly accelerated as it enables remote operations and more agile workflows. Leveraging the flexibility of the cloud and the use of any IP infrastructure allows for flexible, scalable and cost-efficient production and distribution.

The collaboration facilitates production of live sports, music and enterprise event production from any location and over any IP infrastructure, giving production crews the flexibility to operate from anywhere, helping to simplify processes and speed up live broadcasts of compelling content.  The integrated solution is an open cloud-based SaaS platform that fully leverages the power of elastic compute and enables:

  • New opportunities across existing customers, new target segments such as enterprise, tier 2-3 live sports and music events.
  • A virtualized, seamless remote production workflow, addressing the challenges of latency, secure and reliable transport of multi camera feeds and synchronized audio.
  • The power of the cloud and will make it easier, faster and reliable for rights holders and broadcasters to bring live content from the field, remote sites and to distribute it quickly to their audiences.

A fully distributed production workflow over commonly available IP infrastructure – allowing customers to have control and manageability even with production talents being geographically spread out.

This solution partnership initiative aligns with both company’s strategies. By utilizing Net Insight´s Nimbra Edge, a hyper scale next generation comprehensive content delivery ecosystem for cloud-based tools and services that are interconnected. A truly agile platform deployed across multi-cloud and as a hybrid on private and or public cloud. Designed for ultimate reliability, flexibility and versatility, results in enabling a new and next generation of comprehensive live production applications. The solution offers a well-equipped REMI (Remote Integration Model), or at-home media workflow, where content is captured live at a remote location, stadiums, arenas and recording studio´s while production is performed at a main studio facility or anywhere and or in any combination.  The solution partnership fit with the market needs driving the transformation to IP, virtualization, and orchestrated cloud workflows.

Luc Doneux, Managing Director of Simplylive:

“I am excited about this integrated joint solution and I look forward to building upon the momentum Simplylive has gained with our solutions. This integration will allow us to cultivate our products, work with a market leading technology vendor with strong footprint and trust across market for mission critical live media content delivery. Together with Net insight, we definitely meet the demands of the industry.”

Kenth Andersson, Head of Strategic Alliances at Net Insight:

“We already have common customers utilizing our combined solutions and now we are simply adding more capabilities by further integrating our offerings. The Simplylive approach has proven the ability to streamline the production footprint and operational costs while maintaining a high-level result. This cooperation underpins and drives our openness advancing an open cloud, enabling customers options to build, migrate and deploy these types of applications across multiple environments both in the cloud and on-premises.”