Net Insight’s Sye Streaming Service announces new time-shift feature and global expansion

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Stockholm, Sweden, NAB 2019 (stand #SU2806) – Net Insight announces that its ultra-low latency, synchronized live streaming service adds a time-shift function and increases its capabilities for global streaming. The new feature will be showcased at NAB and be available in Q2.

Net Insight’s Sye Streaming Service is uniquely positioned in the market, combining ultra-low latency and perfect sync, and bringing a TV-like experience to the live streaming audience. Deployed on top of Microsoft Azure, Sye Streaming Service is massively scalable, streaming to more than hundreds of thousands of viewers across the globe every day, and a perfect fit for live trivia, live sports and live auctions among others. With this new feature, Sye Streaming Service enhances the live experience, allowing the viewer to jump instantly to earlier event highlights.

Time-shift Support

The new time-shift feature enables seamless, on-demand pause, play and replay of live events. At any time of the live event, the viewer has the power to go back instantly to any highlight, pause the video, and then slide seamlessly back to real-time streaming without losing quality or sync – gaining a better-than-broadcast viewing experience. In addition, Sye’s time-shifting is synchronized across all streams, enabling a flawless multi-view experience.

Massively Scalable – in Production

Thanks to this new feature, Sye Streaming Service widens once more its capabilities for a broadcast-grade and beyond Quality of Experience. Sye’s True Live streaming service – ultra-low latency, perfect sync and massive scalability – has already brought next-generation interactive experiences to viewers all over the world. The European live quiz show Primetime, powered by Sye, sees daily peaks of over a hundred thousand live concurrent viewers, and has launched in Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and Finland, with plans for expanding further in Europe.

“We wanted three things: perfect sync, ultra-low latency, and scalability. Sye was the only solution that could guarantee all three,” says Daniel Weilar, Co-founder of Primetime.

Sye Streaming Service has seen tremendous growth since its launch, with a year-over-year increase of more than 300% in streamed volume. Following this impressive demand from all corners of the globe, the service has recently expanded to Asia-Pacific and Latin America, with the aim of giving everyone True Live streaming regardless of where they are in the world.

“We are truly excited about the global expansion and growth of Sye Streaming Service. Seeing an increased demand of ultra-low latency streaming, we believe that we are in the right place at the right time. Moreover, with the addition of time-shift we will further target the sports and E-sports verticals, enabling them to deliver best-of-breed experiences,” says Filippa Hasselström, VP Streaming Solutions at Net Insight.

One-click End to End

A new one-click live streaming offering in partnership with Media Excel and Microsoft Azure is also coming in Q2 2019. This end-to-end, one-click transcoding service comes as a built-in capability in Sye Streaming Service, making it easy to connect, transcode and stream in an instant.

Sye and time-shift will be showcased during NAB at Net Insight’s stand #SU2806, and the joint solution between Net Insight, Media Excel and Microsoft Azure will be showcased at Net Insight’s stand #SU2806 and Media Excel’s stand #SU6710.

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