Net Insight selected by Swisscom Broadcast for core media network expansion

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Stockholm, Sweden – Swisscom Broadcast is expanding its core media network with the next generation IP-based platform, the Nimbra 1060.

The Swiss company, a Net Insight customer since many years back, offers a wide range of audio and video services and operates national contribution and distribution networks based on Net Insight’s Nimbra solution.

Swisscom Broadcast has recently won new projects for its contribution network, which has led to an expansion of the core media network, with the new Net Insight’s terabit IP platform, the Nimbra 1060.

With terabit capacity the award-winning Nimbra 1060 gives managed media networks the speed and performance they need. Launched last year, the Nimbra 1060 is already used by service providers and broadcasters all over the world, and has been used to deliver high profile live events like the world’s largest remote production run by Swedish host broadcaster SVT during the Alpine World Ski Championships in February 2019, Åre, Sweden. With the introduction of Nimbra 1060, Swisscom Broadcast adds both speed and performance to its core media network, while maintaining the highest possible service quality.

“With this expansion, we have laid the foundation for the next generation broadcast IP platform both in terms of scalability up to several terabits per second and in terms of QoS,” says Jean-Paul de Weck, CEO at Swisscom Broadcast Ltd. “Our customized solutions for business customers are distinguished by maximum reliability, availability and performance and together with Net Insight we can accomplish that.”

“Swisscom Broadcast is a market, technology and innovation leader and is taking an active and assertive role in shaping the future in our increasingly networked world,” says Henrik Sund, CEO at Net Insight. ”With our Nimbra platform we provide them with robust, efficient and high-quality processing and transport of live media content, creating the right conditions for improved and more efficient production and distribution of media content, which contributes to a better live TV viewing experience.”

The order was placed and delivered in the second quarter 2019.

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About Swisscom Broadcast Ltd

Swisscom Broadcast is a member of the Swisscom Group and has decades of experience
in its field. This Swiss company builds, operates and services customer-specific
radio networks, specifically terrestrial radio broadcasting networks as well as safety and professional radio communication networks for the police, utilities and transportation companies.
Swisscom Broadcast also offers a wide range of audio and video services including live contribution as well as platform-based IPTV, Internet TV and video surveillance services. Its subsidiary Swisscom Event & Media Solutions completes its service portfolio with a broad range of temporary communication, IT and digital media services for the event and media sector.

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