Net Insight partners with TST to enter the mainland China market for Time synchronization

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Net Insight and Times Sage Tech Ltd (TST) have entered a partnership to enable resilient time synchronization in mainland China. TST will invest in a pilot system to showcase Net Insight’s unique and GNSS-independent time synchronization solution Zyntai across mainland China. This is the first order for the Zyntai solution for the Chinese market.

China is the world’s largest 5G market and the fast rate of digitization and high focus on security means a large potential for resilient time synchronization. Net Insight’s network-based and hardware-independent sync solution will enable telecom operators and private network providers to further accelerate deployment of critical 5G networks and applications. TST is a renowned systems integrator and part of Century Sage Scientific Group focused at providing communication equipment throughout APAC.

Time synchronization is a fundamental function in 5G and other critical infrastructure often delivered through GPS/GNSS satellites. However, GPS/GNSS is highly vulnerable to jamming and spoofing and Net Insight and TST will provide a GPS/GNSS-independent solution assuring secure and resilient infrastructure, which is essential for delivery of high accuracy time synchronization across any type of underlying network technology.

”The Chinese market is leading in 5G deployments and invest heavily in digitalization across society and industries. It is therefore crucial to guarantee that 5G and other critical networks are unaffected by GPS interference,” says Andrew Lo, CEO of TST. “This makes Net Insight’s solution very important for us and we look forward to a further successful collaboration.“

“Our 5G sync solution Zyntai is a cornerstone for making critical networks more resilient, by enabling them to work independently of external sync sources like GNSS/GPS,” says Crister Fritzson, CEO of Net Insight. “5G networks in China are among the most advanced in the world, serving close to 1.5 billion subscribers and millions of enterprises, and I am very pleased that we extend our partnership with TST to contribute in making the network infrastructure in China become even more resilient.”

Investor Highlights

TST is a strong partner in the region: TST is a renowned regional partner since 2009 providing network equipment and systems integration, as well as developing complementary localized software and hardware solutions across APAC.

This joint initiative is a strategic step for Net Insight in addressing the Chinese 5G synchronization market and expanding the overall market reach.

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About Net Insight

Net Insight (Nasdaq: NETI B) offers a GNSS/GPS independent time synchronization solution for TDD 5G networks through its Precision TimeNet product that provides the highest accuracy and performance while dramatically reducing CAPEX and OPEX and speeding up 5G roll-outs by working over existing IP/MPLS networks.

With over 25 years of experience from the professional media industry where the world’s leading media providers have relied on Net insight’s Emmy®-winning Nimbra solution to guarantee their media transport and to accurately synchronize TV and media services over existing IP networks independently of GNSS/GPS. Net Insight now brings this uniquely established knowledge into the future mobile networks to solve 5G TDD time synchronization independent of GNSS/GPS. Solving time synchronization in 5G and 6G TDD networks through approaching it as an open disaggregated virtualized end-to-end service provided independent of the underlying network is for Net Insight the only future proof approach.

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About TST

TST (Times Sage Tech) is one of the leading system integrators in China. TST is a wholly owned subsidiary of Century Sage Scientific Group, which is listed on the main board of The Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited with stock code 1450.HK. Since TST’s establishment in 2009, TST has attended to several landmark projects as well as been devoting itself to developing complementary localized software and hardware solutions across in the communications industry across APAC.

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Andrew Lo, CEO of TST,

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