Net Insight launches Nimbra Edge for elastic cloud-based live media transport

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Stockholm, Sweden, NAB 2019 (stand #SU2806) Net Insight today announces the launch of Nimbra Edge, a secure, interoperable, and easy to use cloud transport solution to scale and deliver professional live media workflows, such as primary distribution and interconnect services.

The volume of live media being transported is growing rapidly as consumer demand for more personalized, high quality immersive content is increasing. Further, the introduction of 5G is shifting the transport medium from satellite to other infrastructure to free up spectrum and reduce transport costs. Meanwhile, the market for internet distribution is reaching the technology and quality maturity needed in order to move live content over public and private cloud, thus, enabling customers to move workflows to the cloud and leveraging the elasticity, robustness and price benefits that cloud-based infrastructure offers.

“The introduction of Nimbra Edge extends our media transport capabilities to include cloud-based properties and we can now offer scalable, quality transport across managed, unmanaged, and cloud infrastructure,” says Ulrik Rohne, VP Media Networks at Net Insight. ”With the launch of Nimbra Edge, Net Insight offers the richest live media transport portfolio in the market; ranging from production networks, through contribution and now primary distribution and interconnect networks delivered over any infrastructure.”

Nimbra Edge targets primary distribution, sports and news interconnect through a cloud-native architecture. With Nimbra Edge, both service providers and media companies can deploy and operate a highly elastic and reliable cloud ingest, transport, and distribution solution. Nimbra Edge’s architecture comes with an easy to use interface enabling customers to separate between content management and live media transport. Finally, based on an open architecture it allows customer to tie together Nimbra Edge with their current Nimbra ecosystem as well as other open protocols and video formats.

“Nimbra Edge is building on our extensive knowledge in professional media workflows and will enable our customers to extend their offerings with a cloud-native transport solution across public and private clouds,” says Tor Blomdell, Head of Product at Net Insight.

Customers can deploy Nimbra Edge themselves in private datacenters or in public clouds in order to offer an open, elastic, and robust media pipeline to simplify live content management and transport. Nimbra Edge will be released during the first half of 2019 and will be showcased at Net Insight’s booth at NAB 2019, SU2806.

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