Net Insight and ACES extend their partnership for GNSS-independent infrastructure in Saudi Arabia

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Net Insight and ACES extend their partnership to facilitate a GNSS-independent time synchronization infrastructure in Saudi Arabia. As part of this, ACES will invest in a pilot system to showcase GNSS-independent 5G synchronization across the kingdom. This is the first order for Net Insight’s Zyntai solution in the Middle East region and will be delivered in Q2, 2024.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is investing strongly in 5G networks and critical infrastructure where security and resilience are priorities and ACES have worked closely with local stakeholder to evaluate the next steps with GNSS-independence as an important component in this.

Time synchronization is a fundamental function in 5G and other critical infrastructure often delivered through GPS/GNSS satellites. However, GPS/GNSS is highly vulnerable to jamming and spoofing and Net Insight and ACES have proposed a GPS/GNSS independent solution which can effectively be deployed nationwide. The initiative is a key step in assuring a secure and resilient infrastructure, which is a strategic objective for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

”Saudi Arabia is a thought leader globally when it comes to the digitalization of society, and 5G plays a big part in this evolution. It is therefore crucial to guarantee resilient 5G and other critical networks that are unaffected by GPS interference,” says Dr Akram Aburas, CEO of ACES. “This makes Net Insight’s solution very important for us and we look forward to the next step in our collaboration.“

“Our 5G sync solution Zyntai is a cornerstone for making critical networks more resilient, by enabling them to work independently of external sync sources like GNSS/GPS,” says Crister Fritzson, CEO of Net Insight. “5G networks in Saudi Arabia are among the most advanced networks in the world, and I am very pleased to see that Net Insight can contribute to making the networks in the country become even more secure.”

Investor Highlights

ACES is a strong partner in the region: ACES is a strong regional partner acting both as system integrator and a neutral digital infrastructure company across the EMEA reqion.

The pilot order is small, but the joint initiative is a strategic step for Net Insight in addressing the 5G synchronization market in the region and expanding the overall market reach.

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About ACES

ACES is an International Neutral Digital Infrastructure Company with the vision to diversify its portfolio and continue evolving as a Champion Neutral Host Operator, Managed Service provider, and a Full Turnkey System Integrator undertaking EPC contracts while enhancing its technical capabilities by partnering and investing in R&D and patents to promote localization and local manufacturing.

ACES is a Pioneering Saudi Company with its Global Head office in Riyadh and regional offices in the EMEA region. ACES have been an innovative firm introducing new telecom solutions and business concepts to clients, helping them achieve their strategic objectives.

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About Net Insight

Net Insight (Nasdaq: NETI B) offers a GNSS/GPS independent time synchronization solution for TDD 5G networks through its Precision TimeNet product that provides the highest accuracy and performance while dramatically reducing CAPEX and OPEX for MSOs and speeding up 5G roll-outs by working over existing IP/MPLS networks.

With over 25 years of experience from the professional media industry where the world’s leading media providers have relied on Net insight’s Emmy®-winning Nimbra solution to guarantee their media transport and to accurately synchronize TV and media services over existing IP networks independently of GNSS/GPS. Net Insight now brings this uniquely established knowledge into the future mobile networks to solve 5G TDD time synchronization independent of GNSS/GPS. Solving time synchronization in 5G and 6G TDD networks through approaching it as an open disaggregated virtualized end-to-end service provided independent of the underlying network is for Net Insight the only future proof approach.

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