Meet our talents – Crister Fritzson, our new CEO


Tell us about yourself

For the last 8 years I have worked as CEO at SJ, the government-owned passenger train operator in Sweden, while also being a board member at Net Insight.

My background is from the Media and Telco industries, where I have spent several years in a high-tech environment. I started my career in Telco, within marketing, sales and leadership positions – I started at Nokia, then I moved to Motorola and Allgon Systems. I have also been CEO at Boxer and at Net Insight’s customer Teracom before joining SJ.

For me, the most important thing is teamwork. The way I see it, I am only one of 200 employees. We work and reach our goals together. The best I know is to win as a team, that is what inspires me in my work.

What brought you to take on the CEO role at Net Insight?

I was interested in joining a smaller company and a smaller team: SJ has over 6,000 employees. I also wanted to get closer to the market and to the customers, and develop our business towards success together as a team. Joining Net Insight is an opportunity for me to be more hands-on and work directly with specific projects and assignments. Since I have been a Board member at Net Insight, I have an overall understanding of our position in the market, with our strong platforms, reliable technical solutions and satisfied customers. I feel very inspired to be at Net Insight and to find growth and development opportunities for the company.

What opportunities do you see for the Net Insight business?

First, Net Insight has a long and proven track record to build upon, a large base of customers and installed solutions. There are opportunities to improve our position in existing core segments, by further improving our offering and commercial execution.

In addition, there are attractive market segments that have higher growth due to technological shifts and changing customer demands – for example related to cloud solutions, internet-based transport and remote or distributed production. We should be able to build stronger positions in all these segments.

Finally, we are starting to look at other areas of the market where our solutions can meet evolving customer needs, such as live broadcast solutions for enterprise customers.

As the new CEO, I’m planning for the next steps in the Net Insight journey, and in the first phase we will set the internal foundation and direction. In the following phase, we will strengthen and complement our product portfolio even further to grow share and reach our full potential in core markets. Then, in the last phase, we will expand and grow in adjacent market segments.

What are you looking forward to bringing to Net Insight?

Beside from what has been mentioned above, I hope I can apply my experience from different industries, and I am looking forward to bringing Net Insight from an innovative company with unique capabilities to a global success. The foundation we need to succeed is to create a strong team with strong individuals. We want to attract the right talents and develop our company. Leadership will be an important focus ahead.

Net Insight reminds me of my previous experience from both Motorola and Boxer. The foundation and culture at Motorola were to build products so reliable and with such technical advances that they hardly had to market the products: all they had to do was to say that it was a great product. And by adding sales, market and commercial excellence, Motorola became the leader in many market segments. My view is that Net Insight is somewhat in the same place. When I joined Boxer, we had a revenue of 60 million SEK; when I left the company, the revenue was 2,4 billion SEK. I want to make that journey again, together with Net Insight.