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Offer media services for live events and media hubs

With Net Insight’s market-leading technologies, LIVE events and media hubs can be connected seamlessly delivering professional media services anywhere at anytime.

Thanks to our innovation in media transport, you can scale your network and assure full-service quality to all your customers with minimal maintenance – allowing them to focus on customer experience.


Top 3 challenges we can help you solve

How to create new revenue streams in media

Live sports and news is a profitable market to adress. More live content is consumed than ever before. Adapting to this customer driven demands creates a huge opportunity for service providers to create new revenues from exisiting platforms.

The Media market requires the highest quality transport for the highest valuable content. Create trust in the media market segments to attract high profile customers with traffic demands from minor to major events

How to media-enable your infrastructure!

Media services have specific requirements with high demand customers. How can service providers control and manage the quality of services over existing infrastructure? You want to offer varieties of media interfaces over your standard IP network and handle content security for your terrabit enviroment media-enabling demarcation points.

Media customers requires flexibly delivered high capacity services on demand over exisiting IP infrastructure.

How to minimize cost without compromising quality

Service providers must handle multiple customers with many services and different demands – while optimizing capacity usage and automating operations. How can you control single media services for different customers while managing the quality?

You need to deliver media level SLA:s adapted for delivery of high profile events such as Olympics and world cups.


One size does not fit all – what do you work with?

Net Insight provide solutions for you to offer services supporting all media networking needs – from production to primary distribution. We can help you address your customer’s Tier 1-related challenges as well as internet distribution requirements – all implemented over your existing IP infrastructure.

We know broadcasters need to move content for different platforms and audiences, sometimes on a short-notice basis. With Net Insight technologies, it becomes easier to adapt and differentiate content and content quality based on distribution requirements and availability of infrastructure.

At the end of the production process, you can offer to distribute media content to headends, affiliates and cloud service providers in a seamless and reliable way.

Our solutions support your planning, implementation and operation of the entire media network.


Event organizers, production companies and broadcasters are transforming their way of production by moving towards more distributed workflows requiring additional capacity in media transport. This represents a huge opportunity for Service providers offering flexible media transport services.

Net Insight help you provide the services for media customers to transport multiple aligned feeds, with audio and achieve flexible control for their production. With Net Insight’s technologies, there are no obstacles to create a consistent workflow experience for the director – while achieving effective collaboration across countries and continents.

For service providers it is essential to provide these services over their already existing IP-infrastructure. Media-enable your managed network and cloud using Net Insight’s solutions.


The biggest global sports events in the world rely on Net Insight solutions for live contribution. We guarantee the world’s most efficient and reliable media transportation over your flexible IP structure.

With Net Insight, you can offer content delivery over any IP-network infrastructure with the most reliable content delivery.

Our solutions guarantee secure and robust delivery for new IP formats such as ST-2110 and ST 2022-6. With the exact solution, you can also offer legacy SDI-based services as your customers migrate to IP.

Offer services depending on customers’ requirements and locations – Net Insight accommodates the diversity of requirements by providing solutions that optimize delivery based on managed, unmanaged, and Cloud IP infrastructures.

Primary distribution

Net Insight has been involved in primary distribution since DTT – we fully understand the importance of securing the distribution of your customers’ channels to affiliates and MSOs!

Today cloud and internet constitute a viable transport medium. Net Insight creates the possibility to ensure reliable distribution to any point where internet is available for a fraction of satellite costs. By utilizing ARQ (re-transmission protocol), you can simply control quality parameters and reliability options by running software in the cloud. As a result, it is now straightforward to route your content to anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.


Revolutionizing IP Media Delivery

Red Bee Media

Leading global media services company

With media organizations seeking greater agility and scalability to keep pace with dynamically shifting markets, Red Bee planned to stay ahead of the game. Implementing an uncompressed IP playout solution between its playout locations in the UK would enable it to continue to enable highly flexible and qualitative service distribution and monitoring for major public and commercial broadcast customers. Red Bee was ground-breaking in its vision. With the close support of technology partner Net Insight, Red Bee’s implementation of an uncompressed 100GbE playout solution with trusted IP media backbone achieved a world’s first.

“From my perspective it has been a great example of collaborative working with a supplier to mutual benefit. Net Insight enhanced the capability of Nimbra and we got the functionality we needed ahead of anybody else.”


Head of Playout Engineering & Platform, Red Bee Media

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