Nimbra MSR News Virtualization and IP

IP technology is going mainstream. Live media productions are accelerating to the cloud. Net Insight is responding with the most versatile and open platform on the market. Fill out the form below and watch the full webinar with Per Lindgren, CTO and co-founder, Net Insight to learn:

  • Understand how virtualization and IP workflows are driving next-gen workflows.
  • Discover how Net Insight is creating a harmonised and open product portfolio.


Lindgren begins by putting current media technology trends in context. Consumer behaviour has already moved the industry into OTT workflows. The biggest growth ahead will be driven by the desire for live video experiences streamed online.

The momentum behind this change has been accelerated under Covid-conditions. The need for at home and in studio workflows is transforming the value chain. The next phase will see hyperscale hybrid cloud deployments and distributed production workflows.

The focus is squarely on virtualization, open cloud and all-IP. It’s a new set of goals giving broadcasters and service providers a lot to consider.

Lindgren turns to Net Insight. Specifically, he explains how the pioneer in internet video contribution is leading the industry’s transition to remote production.

The company’s entire product portfolio is being virtualized. Nimbra 600, Nimbra 400, Nimbra Edge and technology acquired from Aperi will run on common execution platforms.

The benefits of this approach to broadcasters include:

  • Greater elasticity, agility and efficiency.
  • Virtualised media and network functions running on generic hardware allows clients to tailor make workflows
  • Flexible 24/7 business models.

The webinar also shares Net Insight’s plans for the future. Including:

  • Adding ultra-high density processing for transport of 4K UHD media.
  • Reinforced security with firewalls, encryption and monitoring across the network.

Net Insight openness means support for the widest range of protection, protocols and compression formats on the market.