On-demand IABM Tata webinar

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Remote production workflows are being re-invented. Contribution and distribution links are being overhauled. The pandemic has accelerated the industry toward virtualization, IP and Cloud. Experts from Tata Communications, Vista Worldlink and Net Insight explain how in this IABM hosted webinar.

Hear how Tata has adapted to the crisis. Jeremy Dujardin, CTO, Media and Entertainment Services, Tata Communications argues that today’s enforced workflows will have long lasting implications.

That’s firstly because social distancing has forced media companies to implement decentralized models.  Secondly, talent and crew are working from home and streaming live to air. At-home productions have literally become productions at home.  Thirdly, technology has played a key role in enabling remote distributed workflows from studios and homes to the cloud.

Also in the video, you will hear from Per Lindgren, CTO and co-founder, Net Insight. He says: “While it has been technically possible to remote produce for years there has been cultural resistance. Production companies and content owners have now seen the efficiences of working from home.”

Demand for enterprise broadcast

Net Insight next highlight the growing demand for enterprise broadcasts. These are live corporate communications with a video quality on par with traditional broadcast. Indeed, the workflows for enterprise productions are identical to many live broadcast sports productions.

The spotlight is also turned on content security. Distributed IP and cloud workflows focus attention on data protection. Fortunately, content security has always been a key product design criteria at Net Insight. The recent acquisition of Aperi underlines this. Lindgren says Net Insight is adding new features like encryption and watermarking solutions to all of its platforms.

Finally, Tata describes its work with Net Insight and Vista Worldlink in producing and distributing live content.  Tata’s global footprint and IP network has been key to opening up possibilities for its customers to move into the cloud. That is only possible with end-to-end cloud and IP workflow solutions from Net Insight. In conclusion, all parties emphasise that strategic partnerships will produce the best results.