Customer Provisioned Networks

Automated provisioning and control to drive efficiency and growth.

In a world of on-demand services mixed with 24/7 services, the drive for efficiency, utilization and cost control is crucial. With Net Insight’s Customer Provisioned Network (CPN) solution, network operators offer automated self-service setup through both APIs and self-service portals. This, to increase service utilization and thus revenues and meanwhile reducing the risks for errors in the network, hence, ensuring that mission critical applications are available.

Rapidly deploy new media services

Through network automation and template-based provisioning

Automate order to bill process

Enabling faster monetization and less errors in the network

Real time pricing and availability

For immediate customer feedback

Trusted by global customers across many industries

“We carefully searched the market for a platform that could grow with us, and upon which we could implement high-quality video and Ethernet services for our customers, meeting the highest technical standards of quality and reliability.Net Insight was the best choice for our needs overall, and they have continued to work closely with us as a partner to advance fiber transmission services for the industry.”

Chief Technology Officer, the Switch


Personalized, immersive content requires Automation and Flexibility in order to be cost efficient.

The drive to create great content and to be able to tailor a personalized immersive experience is changing production workflows; more content is brought in, through remote production as well as files, in order to unleash the creativity needed to attract eyeballs as the drive for original content is increasing.

As more high-quality content is being brought in the transmission capacity and quality requirements between broadcasters, studios, and facilities increases. Further, as the mix of mission critical live video and file-based workflows joins the same media pipeline, the need for reliability, elasticity, and agility grows in order to ensure that you don’t disrupt the production and distribution upstream.

In order to keep both operational complexity and cost under control, the need for automation, monitoring, and flexibility increases. Further, the ability for larger broadcasters and service providers to automatically shift their workflows and offer capacity on-demand to both increase their utilization as well as monetizing its assets is growing.

Our Solution

Offering automatic application provisioning to drive utilization and monetization

Enabling our customers to offer on-demand capacity over Nimbra networks through both APIs and self-service portals enable broadcasters and service providers to increase the utilization as well as monetization of their investments. CPN is built around automation and elasticity, which enables customers to offer a reliable network that reduces the need for manual intervention and lowers the time to market for offering new services to the end customers.

Many live events are based around occasional use services and broadcasters want to ensure that they only pay for the capacity that they actually need during the time of the event. Meanwhile, service providers want to ensure that they can differentiate both in terms of services, quality, and pricing depending on the application. CPN manages both resources and services available and attaches financial values to these, which enables the ability to differentiate service pricing and quality on a much more granular level.

Today, occasional use services require a lot of manual intervention, through both emails, phone calls, and legal agreements. CPN automates the order-to-bill process which removes the need for manual order handling, provisioning, and traffic engineering. Further, CPN enables customers and applications to book services on demand as well as pre-book them for major event and keeps track of the resource utilization. Thus, ensuring that the available resources offered are always consumable for those mission critical events.

Finally, through consolidating resources and bookings into one system, service providers gain improved forecasting capabilities ensuring that purchased capacity can be delivered as well as planning network maintenance and upgrades without impacting services, through automatic re-configuration of paths and services without impacting the customer deliverables.

With this, CPN offers an automatic application and customer provisioning solution that enables service providers to increase their utilization and monetization, and meanwhile ensure broadcasters to have absolute control and plan their mission critical events with the elasticity, reliability, and monitoring capabilities that modern video applications require.


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