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Enabling remote collaboration

Workflow consistency, simplicity, and efficiency are vital to achieving successful production outcomes. Increasingly production creatives want to leverage cloud-based and remote/mobile software and apps into their workflows. Networking requirements are expanding beyond point-to-point connectivity to support these advanced workflows.

Options for Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud, and advanced IP networking combined with seamless interworking and management are all needed to achieve optimal remote collaboration.


Top 3 production priorities we support you with

How to create the best Live sports event ever

To create the best Live sports, you want to use the best resources available – while working to satisfy a limited budget. By producing your event with resources in the cloud and talents located worldwide, you want to maximize the output quality for your audience efficiently.

Remote production is an increasingly attractive way to achieve high-quality results. Tier-1 sports typically require very low latency, a high number of camera/source feeds, and extensive integration with event support programs and cutaways.

Tier-2 and lower sports have significantly reduced production budgets and more flexibility contractually. Cloud production innovations can play a crucial role.

How to transition to IP workflows

As the industry evolves, IP becomes the prevailing connectivity technology used within and between facilities. That presents many opportunities and challenges. Understanding how to leverage the opportunities and mitigate the challenges is critical to achieving the optimal outcome, increasing efficiency, and mitigating risk.

Effective use of Trust Boundaries provides the isolation of infrastructure needed to provide network segmentation and security while also providing a practical monitoring point for media flow inspection and service assurance. Troublesome media flows then be easily identified within the IP network and actioned accordingly.

IP networking resources vary from 100G private lines to unreliable standard internet connections. We help you use all your integrated solutions, exploiting all available resources to produce high-quality content.

How to manage broadcast latency

Broadcast media presents unique challenges due to the content being real-time. Often, many media flows are required to be delivered precisely simultaneously. Unlike traditional IT or Internet infrastructure, packet loss in media has severe consequences. Managing and understanding the network congestion and latencies is critical.

Net Insight can combine advanced encoding and decoding technologies such as JPEG-XS with ARQ (re-transmissions protocols) to enable low latency solutions over the Internet.

Net Insight can provide solutions with latencies as low as a few milliseconds!


Which production network fits your purpose?

Detailed knowledge of desired production workflow directly impacts any production network design.

Facilities need to understand the following key points to ensure an optimal design.

  • What is your budget?
  • What media standards will be used on the network?
  • What quantity of media flows and what bandwidths will be required to run concurrently over the network?
  • What non-media traffic does the network have to carry?
  • What timing information is required to be carried?
  • Is the media to be carried in Multicast or Unicast,
  • What Fibre / IP / Internet connectivity is available at my location?
  • How will I interconnect upstream and downstream?

Net Insight has professional services that can assist you design and developing the optimal networking infrastructure.

Production over cloud & internet

We provide solutions for cloud interconnect, giving a fully manageable view of your IP network resources for cloud production.

Connect any third-party appliance to any public or private cloud. We offer the possibility to control end-to-end latency down to a millisecond level.

Route your feeds to any location where there is internet availability. Use the cloud to produce a broader range of effects, such as minor e-sport tournaments, cost-effectively. Alternatively, optimize additional production capabilities to complement the host feed with extra content, such as interviews from fan zones and beauty-cam shots.

Production over managed networks

Change your media functions dynamically. Our solutions enable you to produce high-profile events with multiple synchronized cameras while maintaining ultra-low latency.

Our customers have the chance to implement workflows independently, make changes ‘on the fly, and adapt or repurpose content while ensuring complete protection and security of assets.

Our solutions have the highest density on the market with complete flexibility of formats and functions. Security of content with no degradation during transport remains a key priority. Our managed solutions support content production from major sports events and World Cups.


Looking for other solutions?

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By producing your event with resources in the cloud and/or talents located around the world, you want to efficiently maximise the output quality for your audience.

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With all your content readily available at your fingertips, secure distribution in selected formats to numerous destinations can be achieved within seconds.

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