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Whether you need to transport your live content over public/private cloud or managed network, Net Insight creates a reliable, seamless, and high-quality experience.

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Move live content efficiently

Premium live feeds from sports events move from production to final distribution. With significant investments in producing state-of-the-art content, it’s only logical that content transport is secure and reliable.

The challenges vary depending on network types and quality requirements. IP networks yield flexible new options for managing and routing content, but they must be provided within an environment that is easy to manage and control.


Top 3 contribution priorities we support you with

How to contribute your content cost-effectively

The cost has historically limited contribution from events. Typically one (multilateral) feed has been sent with very high requirements. Satellite transport has sometimes been the only alternative, with limitations to sending the same content to everyone.

To enrich the content, you need more feeds, and the challenge is to get that in a cost-efficient way.
The solution must provide a combination of transport solutions integrated for high-end and low-end content.

How to enrich content for your viewers

How can you add more feeds to enrich the final content? And how will you address alternative distribution methods that social media brings to engage your viewers better?

The challenge is enabling new solutions to obtain more relevant, specially adapted content for your audiences.

How to overcome IP network deficiencies

When transporting your valuable content over networks, you must ensure that it arrives safely. The ability to handle potential network and data center outages is crucial. IP network deficiencies such as packet loss and jitter require management to ensure the quality needs that your content requires.


Which contribution network fits your purpose?

Whether you want to contribute streams from high-end events to high-profile receivers or mass-contribute feds for maximum overall reach, Net Insight can provide solutions that fully optimize the use of IP networks.

Contribution over cloud & internet

We provide solutions for cloud interconnect, giving a fully manageable view of your IP network resources. Our solutions are easy to understand and utilize.

You can connect any third-party appliances to any public or private cloud. We offer the possibility to control end-to-end latency down to a millisecond level.

Route your feeds from any location where there is internet availability. Use the cloud to contribute signals from a broader range of events, including local/regional tournaments and e-sports fixtures, in a highly cost-effective way. Our solutions offer quality and assurance for broadcaster contributions via the cloud while being cost-efficient and easy to use.

Contribution over managed networks

We provide solutions for managed networks, allowing you to bring content from the most high-profile events worldwide where security and integrity are paramount.

With Net Insight technologies as part of the workflow, customers can benefit from ultra-low latency, robust, high-quality, and complete content protection. Our solutions have the highest density on the market with full flexibility of formats and functions. We also make it easy to adjust your workflow ‘on the fly in response to changing requirements.

Our managed solutions have carried content from numerous significant sports events, such as Olympics, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, and Eurovision.


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