Affiliate Interconnect & Distribution

Cloud resources are great for live workflows, but they are equally beneficial for network resources. As media networks expand to cover even more remote locations, the budget for these networks often do not, meaning media services need to be simpler to operate and control even for non-technical users. The Net Insight solution for affiliate interconnect enables broadcasters or services providers to connect 100s of locations, all while adding new affiliates and spinning up new services in an instant. With its flexible deployment approach, the solution provides you with both the benefits of cloud architectures and the benefits of self-hosting at a location of your choosing. Content is exchanged in real-time through a beautiful user interface for a truly simplistic the user experience.


Open APIs and architecture enable ingress and egress feeds in a variety of different formats supporting multiple manufacturers and ecosystems.

Public or Private Cloud

Deploy in both public and private datacenters for optimal cost control and flexibility.

Don’t rip out, reuse!

Extend your existing Nimbra network, or any standardized 3rd party solution, to the cloud for massively scalable distribution and contribution


Satellite is great when you want to send the same feed to thousands of locations. But what about when it’s just hundreds? And what about when it’s not the same feed to all locations? Or when you actually want bidirectional feeds? While dedicated or leased line solutions provide many of these capabilities, the cost point often makes these solutions unattractive to interconnect smaller studios and affiliates.

On top of this, with 5G around the corner, regulatory bodies world-wide are revisiting spectrum allocation to support the rollout of these services. Suddenly, 1000’s of contribution and primary distribution links currently relying on satellite infrastructure needs to move elsewhere.

Our Solution

Nimbra Edge is a cloud-based media pipeline for broadcast quality contribution and distribution of video feeds. It scales automatically, has a plugin-based architecture to allow for in-line alteration of content, such as watermarking and transcoding, and provides predictable latency & characteristics for all your needs.

The large cloud providers are great for launching new services quickly and effectively. Similarly, they provide great capabilities to extend reach into new territories where you may not have physical presence. But for predictable live linear services, the cost point of public cloud can be challenging. Our solution for affiliate interconnect is built to be deployed anywhere, whether it’s public cloud or private datacenters. This means you get the benefits of both. The flexibility and reach of public cloud providers, coupled with the cost-effectiveness of private hosting.

As the internet transport market has evolved from early-adopters to mass market, the fragmentation has unfortunately sustained. Today, there is a large variety of different transport solutions on the market ranging from SRT and RIST to proprietary options. All with substantial eco-systems. We know our customers are bound to face all of these, and that’s why our solution is designed from scratch to be open and interoperable with all the major protocols in the industry.

To support an ever-increasing cost-pressure on media transport services, it’s not enough to just cut the cost of the infrastructure alone. Management needs to evolve to cater to a non-technical audience similar to the capabilities we today associate with the MCR workflow. And users of media transport services are no longer just broadcast engineers; they are production oriented and demand simpler user interfaces and experiences. The Net Insight solution is built around a flexible set of APIs to provide you with the tools to realize the user experience you know your customers want. But don’t worry, our solution also includes a set of beautifully designed applications, ranging from simple drag & drop interfaces for video routing to powerful engineering apps for troubleshooting and performance management.


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Net Insight Received Emmy® Award

Net Insight is honored by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) with a Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award for its pioneering achievements in reliable Internet streaming.


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