Professional services

Our team of experts working in Professional Services Sync assists our customers in planning their synchronization network deployment, and is available for helping out with the configuration and calibration of the Zyntai solution, including integration towards existing network and management systems. Net Insight’s professional service team can also help with audits and optimization of your synchronization network.

What we support with

Network planning

  • Help you plan your deployment of synchronization functions in 5G and mission critical networks, to establish best topology, address plans, and redundancy options before starting deployment of your synchronization network

Network configuration and integration

  • Our experts can help you with configuration of your Zyntai TimeNodes and also configure and set up your Zyntai Director
  • We also help planning and performing integration towards your existing maangement, alarm and performance systems

Network optimization

  • Our experts perform audits of your synchronization architecture and set up and help in optimizing equipment and network topologies for optimal performance and reliability

Contact information

For questions regarding our professional services for Sync, reach out to Marie-Louise Hanning.