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GNSS/GPS independence a must when power transmission networks move their real-time services to IP

Power networks have strict real-time and time synchronization requirements, especially when using synchrophasors (PMUs) for better control and protection schemes. PMUs are increasingly used to ensure better utilization in the power networks, especially when more renewable energy sources (RES) are used.

Conflicts and tense geopolitical situations have made operators aware of the vulnerability of GNSS solutions and that satellite signals are easily jammed or spoofed. Several countries have mandated that all 5G deployments need to be GNSS independent for the operator to receive a license for security and national sovereignty reasons. Power networks, especially the power transmission networks, are truly mission critical in all countries and will require GNSS/GPS independent synchronisation for its critical functions to ensure service availability.


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Time synchronization is key to secure mission critical real-time services over IP

When power transmission networks are moving their real-time critical services to IP their time synchronization will be a critical factor. The usage of synchrophasors (PMUs) for better control and protection schemes will also greatly impact on these tightened requirements.

Heterogeneous network environments threatens service availability

Power utility networks that need to embrace new technology to be future proof. This brings forth challenging heterogeneous networks that need to enable mission critical real-time services. Time synchronization needs to work seamless and independent of the underlying network and provide accurate time within real-time boundaries.

GNSS/GPS independence is key to assure secure service availability

As time synchronization requirements in mission critical power transmission networks are strict, GNSS/GPS solutions are not feasible due to vulnerability issues like jamming and spoofing. These network needs a secure and reliable in-network alternative that can assure service availability.


Distributing time synchronization through overlay sync network

Our synchronization solution Zyntai is designed to address the time synchronization challenges faced by today’s complex networks. The solution creates an overlay sync network that operates independently of the underlying IP and transport infrastructure. This provides precise time synchronization where it is needed without requiring time sync hardware support in routers, switches and transport nodes, while working also over leased capacity. By distributing time sync over the network, your sites also become independent of external GPS/GNSS sources, reducing vulnerability to interference beyond you own control.

Implementing an overlay network-based synchronization ensures a more reliable network performance, increased control over your synchronization, and faster time sync deployment without the need for extensive hardware upgrades. Our solution empowers you to optimize your network’s efficiency and reliability while minimizing costs.

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