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Distributing time synchronization through overlay sync network

Our synchronization solution Zyntai is designed to address the time synchronization challenges faced by today’s complex networks. The solution creates an overlay sync network that operates independently of the underlying IP and transport infrastructure. This provides precise time synchronization where it is needed without requiring time sync hardware support in routers, switches and transport nodes, while working also over leased capacity. By distributing time sync over the network, your sites also become independent of external GPS/GNSS sources, reducing vulnerability to interference beyond you own control.

Implementing an overlay network-based synchronization ensures a more reliable network performance, increased control over your synchronization, and faster time sync deployment without the need for extensive hardware upgrades. Our solution empowers you to optimize your network’s efficiency and reliability while minimizing costs.

Transport network

including for leased capacity


at access edge

Reliable and

Multiple sources and routing


Zyntai TimeNode for sync distribution and Director for sync orchestration

Net Insight’s Zyntai TimeNode receives synchronization from a source in the network, typically a PTP signal (Precision Time Protocol, G.8275.1 Full Timing Support). Through advanced time algorithms, the TimeNode processes and converts the sync signal, enabling its distribution across extensive network areas and multiple hops. Leveraging multiple sync sources and using multi-link routing, our solution maintains stringent time synchronization requirements and auto-calibrates for asymmetries, even in the event of path or source loss. As the signal is distributed through the network, another TimeNode located farther out to the edge receives the Zyntai signal and converts it back to e.g. PTP for distribution to various endpoints, such as radio sites.

The Zyntai Director orchestrates and manages the network synchronization in real-time. Various metrics are continuously collected and analyzed to get a 360 view of the synchronization performance as well as the behaviour of the transport network.

Advanced time algorithms

Sends high quanties of time stamp packages and filters out relevant packages for minimum confidence intervall.

Asymmetry Correction

Dynamically detects and elimenates synchronization assymetries in real-time.

Mesh overlay

Uses collaborative clocks and multi-link routing for redundency.

Observability in real-time

Real-time insights into sync and transport network KPI:s.

Zyntai TimeNode

Large scale synchronization networks designed for 5G TDD and mission critical services
The Zyntai TimeNodes implement the full timing functionality of Precision TimeNet overcoming the synchronization challenges in large scale IP and optical networks. It incorporates intelligent synchronization routing, asymmetry-handling and multi-link collaborative clocks to achieve highest timing accuracy over any network including leased lines. The powerful Zyntai TimeNode is designed for both core, regional and access sites delivering the highest performance and scalability.

Zyntai Director

Telemetry analytics and synchronization orchestration
The Zyntai Director provides a wide range of Telemetry metrics which is key to understand your synchronization network. 100s of key metrics including absolute time errors, delay variations, round trip times, unidirectional delays, delay percentiles and standard deviations are measured in each Time Node with nanosecond accuracy. All metrics are collected centrally to provide sophisticated visualization of key time data and enable data-driven analytics. The Zyntai Director has a variety of functions for analyzing and presenting performance aggregate metrics and the analysis and validation of the synchronization layer is easily accessible and presented in a comprehensive visualized manner, so that the operator may resolve issues before they affect the end systems.


GNSS/GPS Independent 5G Synchronization

This paper describes the inherent challenges with providing accurate phase and time for 5G mobile networks. Analyst firm Kearney has estimated that the CAPEX cost of time synchronization in mobile rollouts will increase from 0.2-1% in 4G/LTE rollouts to 3-5% for 5G. A potentially even bigger cost lies in that full on-path PTP requires every node to be PTP enabled (FTS) which can lead to costly upgrades and even replacement of existing network equipment, including both IP/MPLS routers and underlying DWDM transport equipment. This results in high costs and often locks the operator into a single vendor. That the sync is tied to the transport and requires support in every node and line card increases operational complexity, both for network planning, installation, trouble shooting and upgrades, leading to significantly increased OPEX for the operators.

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