Meet Our Talents – Michael, our Sales Engineer and Network Architect

My role 

When I joined Net Insight in 1999, after I had been working five years with Ethernet and IP routers at a system integrator, I started as installation and support engineer at Net Insight, our Nimbra products were still very young. Then I got more engaged in field work, product evaluation and customer Proof of Concepts around the world and I was also on-site technician during major live sports events. This resulted in a strong understanding of customer requirements and my knowledge has helped in enhancing our Nimbra products and functions. 

I am currently a sales engineer and network architect at Net Insight. This means that I am part of the sales team and my part is to technically understand what the customer actually is asking for and how they can benefit from using products that we are developing and selling. A typical workday for me means that together with customers architect solutions that are as good as possible, cost effective, scalable and future-proof. Many broadcasters and media companies are moving towards IP video standards that still has to have the flexibility to mix with legacy media interfaces. In parallel I have a similar tech sales role within our new 5G time synchronization solution that distributes IEEE1588 PTP over non FTS WAN. This fits well, and completes our media and sync portfolio, as IP media need sync and uses IEEE1588 PTP also. 

Personally, I strive to find an optimal solution, however in most cases, “good enough” is good enough and it is important to find these tradeoffs and not lock yourself up.  

In my role it is natural to have a close relation with sales, product management and development and to influence stakeholders in those departments.  

And of course, a close relationship with our customers around the globe.  

How is working at Net Insight?  

Working at Net Insight is both fun and personally developing learning from both our customers and Net Insight colleagues. There are always new things to learn being surrounded by very talented people. The Net Insight culture allows for transparency and cross learning.  

The office in Solna, Sweden, is great with its modern design and spacious areas. It is a good place to meet. 

I believe that all of us who work at Net Insight, myself for 20 years+, take great proud in knowing that we develop and sell solutions around the globe, that the broadcast industry, production companies, service providers and all its billions of end customers are reliant on that it just must work, and it does!