Cloud and IP on course to deliver future video router versatility

Net Insight’s solutions for IP infrastructures and cloud-based operations are helping more and more content providers ease into an exciting new era of workflow flexibility.

In every broadcast centre and outside broadcast truck, the video router – and, critically, the correct choice of video router – has always been at the heart of operations. Effectively coming of age during the era of SDI connectivity, the whole concept of video routing has lately been in the midst of a profound new evolution as IP-based infrastructures have become more commonplace, such as the concept of the ‘cloud video router/IP video router’..

What is a cloud video router/IP router?

The concept of the cloud video router or IP video router is exactly as it sounds, a cloud-based solution providing the functionalities of a router. Cloud-/IP-routing does not only replace a router, it eliminates it, providing multiple advantages. As such, calling it a “router” may be somewhat misleading. However, calling it a ‘cloud/IP video router’ is slowly but surely becoming a part of the industry lingo, and is at the same time an easy way to explain the concept of the cloud-based router solution.

Benefits of IP based Audio/Video Routers

Like any major technical transitions, IP has required a lot of hard work by companies and industry associations. New skills have had to be acquired, and there has had to be a constant focus on ensuring that networks do not become overly complex. It has also taken a while for the necessary standards to be put in place. But now the technology is maturing, the benefits of IP are plain to see: no more laying dedicated and time/money-expensive SDI infrastructure, or having to stick rigidly to certain camera configurations or other equipment set-ups. With IP as your foundation, the content provider can enter a whole new era of flexibility in their operations.

Net Insight has been aware that this revolution was going to happen for many years now, and that realization is confirmed by an ongoing stream of innovative solutions in our Nimbra and Aperi ranges. Look, for instance, at our Nimbra 1000 series, which is designed to scale both switching and link capacities to new levels in the media WAN space. Developed for all-IP services and all-IP networks, Nimbra 1000 allows studios, production facilities and event sites to be interconnected with a total of 1,2 Tbps of guaranteed capacity – all from a compact 3RU modular form factor.

Jump on the IP/Cloud trend with Net Insight

One of the most notable elements of the IP trend has been the realization that there is now much greater flexibility when it comes to scalability. New services can be established, capacity can be increased (or decreased), and new locations may be added with a minimum of fuss thanks to IP. It’s precisely this kind of versatility that the Nimbra 600 video and audio processing, monitoring and IP transmission platform addresses, containing multiple solutions that make it easy to manage large-scale networks, regardless of their underlying infrastructure.

Now, for many broadcasters, the cloud is also entering the picture. Recognizing the benefits – such as even greater scalability and the chance to access new capabilities as soon as they become available – content services are increasingly putting ‘cloud media router’ on their priority lists. Here, too, Net Insight is helping people to achieve this next phase of development with Nimbra Edge, its hyper-scale media cloud platform designed to reduce network complexity. Acknowledging that customers will move to the cloud at variable rates and by different routes – not least by utilizing hybrid infrastructures that combine elements of existing on-premise and fresh cloud-based systems – Nimbra Edge also serves as a powerful ‘media on-ramp’ to this new way of working.

The increased capacity for constant monitoring of networks and uninterrupted, highly quality media over IP and cloud networks means that this new approach to audio/video router implementation is here to stay. In fact, we are only in the early stages of what promises to be a long and thrilling journey. But it’s also one that can feel daunting, which is why Net Insight is always ready to discuss your next project in detail and help find a technology roadmap that works for you.

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World’s largest Nimbra networks to HD

EBU has selected Nimbra platform for the Eurovision fiber network

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU)

World’s largest alliance of public service media organisation

Since 2004, when the EBU selected Net Insight’s Nimbra platform, the EUROVISION Fibre Network (FiNE) has evolved with Net Insight’s latest products and features.

The EUROVISION satellite and fibre network is one of the largest and most rock solid in the world. It delivers more than 80,000 hours of programming every year, the majority of which is live sports. Its undisputed reputation for flexibility and reliability is reflected in the prestigious events it regularly carries on the EUROVISION network.

“We continue our solid relationship with Net Insight for the development of our network since we aim to be the standardbearer for QoS and reliability around the world.”

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It’s a cloud-based solution that replaces traditional routers, offering advantages in terms of flexibility and scalability.

These routers offer operational flexibility, reduce the need for dedicated SDI infrastructure, and adapt to various camera configurations.

Net Insight provides solutions like Nimbra 1000 and Nimbra 600 for managing large-scale networks and cloud media routers for enhanced scalability.

The cloud/IP video router enhances efficiency by offering greater flexibility, reducing setup time, and enabling easy scalability in network operations.

Nimbra 1000 is designed for all-IP services, providing high capacity and scalability, ideal for interconnecting studios, production facilities, and event sites.

Nimbra Edge, a hyper-scale media cloud platform, reduces network complexity and aids in the transition to cloud-based operations, offering scalability and flexibility.