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ScheduALL Advanced

ScheduALL super-user certification

This two-day course is designed to teach essential personnel the advanced features and functions of ScheduALL.

This advanced course is an instructor led course with demonstrations and practice labs, after which a final exam is given. The ScheduALL Advanced Certification course is designed to expand ScheduALL use, knowledge and ScheduALL functionality.

Course details

  • Modules: Scheduling, Setup and Configuration, Project Manager, Quotes Manager, Personnel Manager, Asset Media Management, Invoicing and Account Receivables, External Costs, Adaptive Framework / Developer’s Toolkit (DTK)
  • Length: Two Days
  • Target User: ScheduALL Administrators

Detailed Agenda

Day 1:

Scheduling Advanced
Work Order Query
Work Order Template
Replacing Resources
Extended Operations
Resource Availability Query
Work Order Types
Work Order Attachments
Work Order Filters / Reminders
View Display Features
Notification Manager
Visual Flags
Setup and Configuration
Project Manager Advanced
Project Query / Filters
Multiple Client Projects
Project Attachments
Extended Search
Project Copy
Production Workflow Manager
Project Reports
Quotes Manager Sections
Creating Work Orders
Quotes Requirements/Attachments
Quote Discounts
Accepted Quotes
Quotes Manager Reports

Day 2:

Invoicing and Accounts Receivable
Generate / Reprint Invoices
AR Navigator
Queries and Reports
Cancellation Rate Cards / Maintenance
External Costs Manager
Vendor Invoices / Allocation
Automatic PO Generation
Personnel Manager
Shift Rotations / Patterns
Pay Categories
Reconcile Pay Period
Personnel Payable Time Reports
Developer’s Toolkit (DTK) Overview
DTK Dialog Editor
DTK Toolbars / Menus
Customizable WebApp Templates (CWT)
Template Elements and Controls
Asset Media Manager
Extended Query
Media Library Scanning
Inserting Single / Multiple Items
Connector Overview
Connector System Congifuration
Connector Security
Publications / Subscriptions


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