Nimbra Upgrade

  1. In this 2 day upgrade course we cover every major new feature introduced in the latest two GX system-wide integration releases as well as the latest two Nimbra Vision server realeases.

Course details:

  • Part # NPC0025-0001
  • Length: 2 days
  • Target User: Installation, operation and maintenance personnel.
Prerequisite knowledge:

This course requires that the participant has completed all four the modules:

  • Introduction to the Nimbra System
  • Nimbra Configuration, Operation and Maintenance
  • Nimbra Vision Management System for Operator
  • Nimbra Vision Management System for Administrator

Course Description

Major GX and Nimbra Vision software are released twice a year. A Nimbra Upgrade course covers therfore what has been added in the Nimbra platform since one year back.

Students will perform an actual upgrade through hands-on labs and, once that upgrade is achieved, students will be exposed to all the new features of the product, including third party solutions and lessons learned in the field


Net Insight’s training center in Stockholm, Sweden.

Address: Västberga Allé 9, Hägersten (Map)


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