Level 4

Nimbra Vision Management System for Administrator

Nimbra Vision is a comprehensive network management system providing superior overview of the operation of all Nimbra family products. This course is designed as a three-day program for Administrator personnel which will be the main resposible for the Nimbra Vision Installation and Maintenance.

Course details

  • Part # NPC0004-0004
  • Length: 3 days
  • Target User: Administrator personnel.

Prerequisite knowledge:
This course requires that the participant are familiar with databade management (e.g. MySQL Database replication configuration) and that he has completed the module “Nimbra Vision Management System for Operator”.

Course Description

Upon completion of this three days course, participants will be able to install and configure the Nimbra Vision Management System software.
Some of what is discussed and demonstrated includes:

  • Nimbra Vision installation (Standalone/Frontend/Failover)
  • Nimbra network discovery
  • Trap/Event Parser configuration
  • Event/Alarm filters and action setting
  • Policies
  • Security Management
  • Nimbra Vision Server Upgrade
  • Backup and Restore (from backup) of the Nimbra Vision Server


  • Nimbra Vision Introduction
  • Nimbra Vision standalone server installation
  • Nimbra Vision Clients
  • Initial settings
  • Nimbra Nework maps
  • Node operations
  • Polling objects, Collected Statistics and Threshold objects
  • Trap and Event Parser
  • Event and Alarm Filters
  • Export Alerts/Events
  • Policies
  • Server Failover
  • Remote Database, Database Replication
  • Frontend Server Installation
  • Security management, User Operations
  • Web based System Administration overview
  • Troubleshooting (Log Files)
  • Backup and restore
  • Server upgrading
  • Uninstalling Server/Client


Net Insight’s training center in Stockholm, Sweden.

Address: Västberga Allé 9, Hägersten (Map)


Please contact us for available slots.

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