Field Engineer Training

This training will cover an introduction to the technology, describe how to access the nodes’ IP-settings and explain how to use the web GUI efficiently. It also covers failure scenarios including reading and understanding of different alarms, how to replace Trunk and Access Modules, etc.

Course details

  • Part # NPC0019-0001
  • Length: 1 days
  • Target User: Field engineers.

Prerequisite knowledge:
General knowledge of TCP/IP and Level 1.

Course Description

The Field Engineer Training will provide knowledge on how to Install, configure and monitor Net Insight’s products.

How to log in, configure and  monitor the Net Insight’s products. The course explains  how to use the Web GUI for retrieving alarms and performance monitoring ,how to Install additional nodes (device additions and card additions) and how to execute basic service troubleshooting.


  • Technology Theory
  • Definitions
  • Addressing and routing
  • Hardware Overview
  • Nimbra 360
  • Nimbra 680
  • Trunk Modules
  • Access Modules
  • GbE
  • ASI
  • SDI, etc
  • Initial Settings
  • I/P connectivity
  • Overview of the intended Network architecture – (physical network).
  • Web GUI
  • Configuration files
  • Device/Module
  • Replacement or addition of Devices
  • Software/firmware upgrade


Net Insight’s training center in Stockholm, Sweden.

Address: Västberga Allé 9, Hägersten Map


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