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Net Insight Academy offers a comprehensive training program that covers the entire range of our product portfolio, Nimbra, ScheduALL and Sye. Training is a critical step to maximize your return on investment (ROI), whether it’s a new implementation or existing. Our expert training team empowers you to develop the necessary skills for enabling users, administrators and managers to take full advantage of the solution. Our training provides in-depth product and technology knowledge for field engineers, network designers, product experts and operations personnel.

Training Program

The Net Insight training program includes a range of modules to cover the entire suite of our product portfolio. Each is individually designed as a free­ standing course.
We host open training classes on a regular basis at our headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and Miami, USA. Regional training is also provided in many locations worldwide or on-site at our customers’ premises.


The Nimbra Training suite

  • Level 1 – Introduction to the Nimbra System
  • Level 2 – Nimbra Network: Configuration, Operation and Maintenance
  • Level 3 – Nimbra Vision Management System for Operator
  • Level 4 – Nimbra Vision Management System for Administrator

Training Data sheet

Additional training

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ScheduALL Training Suite

Formal certification process to complete levels of product knowledge, according to established standards. Our product experts conduct training by covering a set of pre-defined criteria, in preparation for a certification test.

  • ScheduALL Fundamentals – ScheduALL product knowledge
  • ScheduALL Advanced – Advanced ScheduALL features
  • ScheduLINK Fundamentals – ScheduLINK product knowledge
  • ScheduLINK Advanced – Advanced ScheduLINK features

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Additional ScheduALL Training

ScheduALL User Training is function-based and directed toward business roles. We highly recommend training be administered in a test environment prior to any deployment of configuration changes or additional development to the live production environment.

ScheduALL training builds skill development and creates resource optimization in daily operations. User Training follows standard agendas, but is also heavily customized according to the modules you own, configuration and requirements.

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