The Top 4 Challenges for Production Companies Now and Beyond


Covid has acted as the accelerator to an existing movement in the media market — one towards cloud technology, virtualization and standardized IP being the foundations of production, broadcast, and the formation of new customer-centric services. 

Production companies top 4 challenges:

  • Remote production 

Remote production has become a key priority for production companies everywhere, thanks to Covid. 

  •  Evolving from production to service providing 

Customers’ demands and behaviors are changing. Viewers want to see different camera angles, see footage in real-time, and to be in the center of a production. In effect, they want to be their own directors.  

  • Shifting team sizes and locations 

Smaller, decentralized teams need access to the types of collaborative tools that enable better communication, and the ability to produce and transport content quickly and cost effectively.  

  • New revenue streams 

This opens up tremendous opportunities to increase the scope of productions, particularly in the field of live events. As well as traditional Tier 1 events like the Olympics, there is increasing opportunity to cover more smaller scale Tier 2 events. This localist approach can increase your revenue streams. 

Increase automatization across your camera operations – REMI/Remote production  

 Cost effectiveness is a growing requirement across production companies. Remote production solutions from Net Insight enable you to increase automatization across your camera operations, thereby keeping on-site crews smaller and more efficient.  

Data analytics are key to enabling your production crews to get timely insights about their operations, enabling them to effectively target feeds and feed into a long-term analytics ecosystem.  

Cloud capabilities are often restricted at smaller production companies due to lack of resources and in-house skillsets. Net Insight enables these smaller companies to boost their expertise with our Net Insight SaaS Media platform.  

Pay-as-you-go solutions from Net Insight offer a flexible OPEX solution for production companies, thanks to the cost of bandwidth becoming more attractive.  

We can Support your ongoing transformation 

We are excited to be part of building a future-proof media ecosystem. Net Insight have been at the forefront of defining how media is delivered for nearly 25 years. Our industry firsts have made us into a leading force across the sector and the partner to help guide you in your evolution towards smart IP and hybrid cloud infrastructure. 

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