The Top 4 Challenges for Broadcasters Now and Beyond


Covid has acted as the accelerator to an existing movement in the media market — one towards cloud technology, virtualization and standardized IP being the foundations of production, broadcast, and the formation of new customer-centric services. 

These are the top 4 challenges we have identified for Broadcasters:

  • Changes in consumer behaviors 

The pandemic has accelerated a change in behaviors — the demand for streaming and binge-watching series has risen dramatically. 

  • Growing need to monetize content 

Broadcasters have to be more creative and resourceful about monetizing key content streams, e.g. buying football rights from major rights owners, like the NFL. 

  • New services expected 

Alongside the ongoing adoption of streaming, greater interactivity is expected from broadcast services which calls for greater synergy with service providers. 

  • Creating a sense of community 

With the increase in sporting event broadcasting and customer control over camera feeds, there is an opportunity to create a sense of larger community and intimacy with the viewing audience — make them a part of a collective network. 

Create new viewing experiences – REMI for broadcasters 

Optimization of existing investments is a key opportunity for broadcasters with REMI as it enables you to move your technology stack into the cloud and bring new virtualization flexibility to your live production. 

New revenue streams are made possible by Net Insight’s REMI solutions unlocking the opportunity to create new viewing experiences that are more immersive and interactive for customers. 

Cloud production tools are unlocking new virtualization avenues and enabling new interactive ways to capitalize on televising more live events on the sports rights that broadcasters own. 

We can Support your ongoing transformation 

We are excited to be part of building a future-proof media ecosystem. Net Insight have been at the forefront of defining how media is delivered for nearly 25 years. Our industry firsts have made us into a leading force across the sector and the partner to help guide you in your evolution towards smart IP and hybrid cloud infrastructure. 

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