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Total cost of ownership

How to save costs and add new revenue by simplifying network complexities


Handling increasing amounts of media traffic has always been a huge challenge for network operators, but as the media industry is transitioning to dynamic production workflows, the bar has been raised even higher for media operators that expect media content to be readily available whenever and wherever it is needed. This is changing the requirements of networks in a way that drastically increases complexity. For network owners, this increase in complexity leads to higher operational costs – as much as 70 percent of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over a five-year period.

Simplifying network complexities

To overcome these challenges Net Insight’s Nimbra MSR platform provides a unique approach to handling media traffic in IP-based infrastructures, which greatly simplifies underlying network complexities. Net Insight’s Nimbra platform, designed with a service-centric network oriented management view for straightforward service provisioning, service management and fault handling, saves both time and money by minimizing operational costs and time spent on service management and network operations, offering a higher quality of service (QoS), which provides:

How operators can lower total cost of ownership, save time and increase revenue




  • A faster time to market for new services
  • The ability to offer better Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with higher service availability
  • Faster responsiveness to customer demands and higher customer satisfaction
  • Lower implementation risks

All aspects of the operational lifecycle can be improved by building a media network using Nimbra MSRs over an IP/MPLS infrastructure. The reduction of operational costs and time spent on operational tasks is due to the simplification of network complexities that is achieved by introducing the Nimbra MSR solution. Studies have shown that as much as 70 percent of the TCO of a investment in a network is related to operational costs for traffic engineering, installation, maintenance, support and training. By introducing Nimbra MSRs to provide media services over an IP/MPLS infrastructure, savings in the operational areas could be as much as 61 percent. With OPEX being 70 percent of the TCO this would correspond to a 58 percent lower TCO (assuming CAPEX being the same) by building a Nimbra MSR media network. That is a significant saving, which is worth considering.

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