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Beyond Broadcast-Grade

Value Added Services and More

The Sye Solution offers more than broadcast-grade quality at scale. Monetize with Sye’s server-side ad insertion service – seamless, personalized and immune to ad blocking. Enable instant, on-demand pause, play and replay of live events with network time-shift. Overlay synchronized stats and notifications by ingesting and streaming metadata just like audio and video.


This solution covers the end-to-end workflow – from the backend, with source ingest and distribution, content distribution network, streaming, streaming load-balancing, control and orchestration, going all the way to the Sye client, where it’s provided as an SDK to be integrated into existing apps for playback. Sye’s workflow is fully developed, proven and deployable on standardized production workflows, where it integrates seamlessly without affecting other stages of the process.

Client SDK

The Sye Client SDK can coexist with different player frameworks, enabling a flexible hybrid framework with no need for invasive integration.

The Sye Client SDK includes support for:

  • Dolby Digital PlusTM
  • HDR10
  • ID3 pass-through
  • Closed Captioning

Supported platforms are:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • tvOS
  • Android TV
  • Selected desktop Web browsers (HTML5)

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