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True Live Streaming

Sye is a premium live streaming solution that delivers a better-than-broadcast quality of experience. With an end-to-end latency of less than 3 seconds, perfect sync, instant channel changes and a pristine quality of experience – Sye will give you the best possible live video streaming experience. We call it True Live Streaming. Sye also includes features such as dynamic server-side ad insertion, metadata synchronization and time-shift.

Sye is supported by multiple CDNs, and it’s also available through Sye Streaming Service.

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Monetize your streaming further

Ad insertion

Monetize with Sye’s server-side ad insertion – seamless, personalized and immune to ad blocking.


Enable instant, on-demand pause, play and replay of live events with Sye time-shift.

Synchronized Metadata

Overlay synchronized stats and notifications. Ingest streaming metadata just like audio and video.

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A complete end-to-end CDN solution

Want to get to know our solution? Start with a trial.

Start with a trial using our Sye Streaming Service.

Sye Streaming Service runs on top of Microsoft Azure. It includes all the characteristics of Sye Solution. Sign up for a trial and evaluate our solution features with your own content. Explore our SDK features and learn how your customers can create new end-user experiences using Sye as your streaming solution.

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