Remote Production

Transformative quality and efficiency for distributed live content production

The clearest way to streamline the cost of live event production is to reduce the burden of its most expensive resource: the facilities required to capture, process and produce at a venue and the engineers needed to set-up, operate and manage it. Net Insight uniquely offers broadcasters and production houses an end-to-end solution for at-home production that supports fully distributed production workflows over commonly available IP infrastructure.

Do more with less

Remote Production effectively untie bottlenecks in your live event production.

Make the most of your talents

Use your on-screen talents for more productions

Deliver higher quality to multiple platforms

Better production quality, tailored to multiple platforms

Trusted by global customers
across many industries

”Net Insight enables us to conduct parallel productions at different handball arenas across Denmark with lower costs and fewer resources, allowing us to provide our audiences with more live handball matches with the highest possible quality.”

Henrik Frederiksen, Head Of Production, TV 2/SPORT

“Together we’ve set a new benchmark for live remote production at a major sporting event.”

Adde Granberg, Director of technology, CTO at SVT

“What we’re doing as a telco is unique, no one else is doing this and it’s only possible with Nimbra since the technology gives us the confidence to go to market and gives broadcasters the trust in us as a telco to deliver the highest quality, highest reliability at a fraction of the cost.”

Umut Keten, Senior Architect at Türk Telekom


The challenge of cost-efficient live content production

The live events industry has grown dramatically, driven by demand, change of viewing behavior, and new revenue streams. To address these challenges, broadcasters are looking to provide more live event and live sports content, especially live sports as it still attracts a large and committed TV consumer base. However, live event production is intensely resource demanding and in order to effectively increase live event productions, broadcasters must address and eliminate bottlenecks in their live production workflows.

Reduce the cost of production:
Remote Production requires less on-site staff and less equipment to be sent to the venue. The on-site crew is limited to few a technicians and cameramen, while the scarce and highly specialized production staff is used centrally, possibly covering multiple events per day. In the same way, production equipment can be used more efficiently from a central facility instead of being tied up during transport between venues.

Deliver higher quality content to multiple platforms:
By having access to raw camera feeds at the central studio facility, multi-platform production becomes more efficient and the content can be differentiated to create a better product for second screen, mobiles and niche audiences. Also, by having production staff in-house, broadcasters can make most use of their on-screen talents, to potentially do multiple productions per day.

Ready for 4K Ultra HD & High-Speed Replay Productions:
Live production in 4K Ultra HD requires a major investment in cameras and production equipment. By upgrading the central studio facility to 4K more cost efficiently enables live 4K Ultra HD Remote Productions on a large scale with a limited investment. And by using for example JPEG 2000 or MPEG compression, the cost for network capacity is kept at a minimum so as not be prohibitive even for remote live 4K production.

Our Solution

Designed for high-quality media transport over IP, the Nimbra solution gives you a multi-service media transport platform supporting both native video and audio in addition to standard IP/Ethernet. Built-in video processing, low-latency JPEG 2000 encoding as well as unique features for equipment control and synchronization makes the Nimbra solution the preferred choice for remote production. For the broadcaster, the Nimbra solution simply extends the production workflow to reach remote venues anywhere on the globe, with the same ease of operations as for traditional in-house productions.

100% reliability is key for remote live production and the Nimbra solution offers a number of unique mechanisms to assure the content is delivered with perfect quality regardless of network issue, may it be fiber cut, over-provisioned network capacity, a broken IP router, or just pure bad luck.

To facilitate clean switching and lowest possible end-to-end delay through the remote production workflow, the Nimbra solution integrates video synchronizers for synchronization of high-speed cameras and large multi-camera productions over wide area IP transport. Further, the Nimbra solution uniquely provides seamless WAN transfer of demanding IP audio production as well as low jitter, high accuracy studio clock references to the on-site equipment. All integrated in the same network equipment used for the live production.

Not only can our customers benefit from the OPEX and CAPEX savings that remote production offers, they can also benefit from operating the world’s most efficient and easy to use media transport solution. This provides further OPEX savings on network operations expenditures.

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