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ATSC 3.0 Transport

Despite all the disruptive alternatives to consume media today, watching linear terrestrial TV will continue to be a major content access point for many years to come. Net Insight has the extensive competence and deployment experience that you can rely on to provide a full transport solution for ASTC 3.0 and other Digital Terrestrial Television networks.

Comprehensive QoS Delivery

State of the art IP QoS mechanisms for mission critical video distribution offering zero packet loss and low jitter transport.

Secure Synchronization

Network-based time distribution (1 PPS and 10 MHz) for less dependence of vulnerable and costly GPS time distribution.

Extended Services

Mix Digital TV and Broadcast Radio distribution, Content contribution, IT/VPN/File Transfer services in one platform.

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“We have found Net Insight to be very customer-oriented and ‘best in class’ in terms of project management and delivery precision.”

Frank Aarhus, Director Medianet Technology and Services, Norkring

“Net Insight matched our expectations best, not least in areas connected to the implementation phase.”

Peo Gaasvik, CTO TERACOM


Modern DTT networks are more than just about TV.

Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT) is one of many forms of distributing linear television. While disruptive non-linear technologies such as OTT will continue to grow, DTT will remain a globally supported method of delivering TV securely and efficiently nationwide. This is due to the fact that DTT is a highly cost-effective suite of distribution technologies and is fully controlled by the national level policy makers. At the same time, the increased competition from other content distribution models places DTT under a transformative pressure. End users now generally look for more content, quality and interactivity while DTT network operators look for efficiency savings and the potential to leverage their investments to become securely self-sufficient.

Our Solution

The Nimbra MSR and Nimbra VA platforms are leading transport solutions offering the most reliable transport for DTT distribution with state-of-the-art network QoS functionality. Net Insight has a very large number of country-wide DTT installations serving both ATSC 3.0, DVB-T2 as well as other used standards such as ISDB-T, and DMB-T. The platform is also used by numerous networks for nationwide distribution of Broadcast Radio.

The Nimbra MSR platform provides a multi-service IP platform with advanced network management capabilities offering highly automated, plug-and-play operation when deploying large scale networks. Operators can configure the systems and provision new services quickly and easily, with none or a minimum of Traffic Engineering, effectively cutting operations costs.

In addition to built-in per-service monitoring which quickly isolates faults, the platform supports advanced network redundancy schemes assisted by an automatic control plane that offers mesh protection and 1+1 protection for IP unicast and multicast. The system also has an advanced disaster recovery mechanism for switching from geographically distributed main and backup head ends.

As the Nimbra MSR and Nimbra VA platforms support both ASI and IP based transport formats so it is possible to migrate services seamlessly. For example, when transmitter stations or other assets with long depreciation times are to be written off and upgraded.

No other vendor offers built-in transport of precise and accurate absolute time, both phase and frequency, within the network, that is in turn used for Single Frequency Network operation. This is achieved over both IP and legacy SDH/SONET based networks.

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